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Arrowette II (Earth-27) commission

By phil-cho
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"Arrowette II" sponsored by :iconnickbp36: nickbp36 for :iconroysovitch: Roysovitch's Earth-27 project.

Character belongs to DC Comics.

FB page for Earth-27:
GoFundMe campaign for Earth-27:

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i have a suggestion for you any Chance you mean start putting the Real names of the Characters in the description as its hard to know who they are
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Is she the current Arrowette?
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Imma do that character quote thing Shadow DJ sometimes does, ok, here goes:
Emiko: “Yeah, I know, I look cool right?” “In fact, one might say I look” *smoothly releases her knives into her hands while maintaining her smooth smile*
Thea: *staring in shock* *thinking privately* “Why was my Arrowette outfit never that cool”?
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I love how both arrowettes wear different colors. Someone should tell DC that green and red aren't the only colors an Archer can wear
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All 3 Speedys wear different colors too
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There are 3 Speedy's..
who are they?
also, if thea in This current 2018 isn't arrowette who is she?
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Roy Harper was Speedy 1.0 and is now Arsenal

Artemis Crock was Speedy 2.0 and is now Tigress

Mia Dearden is Speedy 3.0
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Okay Thanks for clarifying:.
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Nicely done, but <sarcasm>I'm not sure you have enough kunai.</sarcasm>
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Very awesome. If Sureshot didn't already have her E-27 look, would've loved to use something similar to this for her.
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That's a lot of knives! 😍
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Throwing knives? :P
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What if there was a Mage with a Tomes. Bow would be a Disadvantage for them, so a Throwing Knives would take Advantage to Mage.

I know it it fire emblem weapon triangle. But still, why not had a Throwing Knives with a Bow?
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Wow, Emiko looks so cool. 
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Badass girl in a badass suit
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I’m loving the different colors on these Archers! This is Emiko, right? 
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Yes this Emi, blue hair streak
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That’s what I thought. :)
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