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Arrowette I v.2 (Earth-27) commission

By phil-cho
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"Arrowette" sponsored by :iconamethystangel228: amethystangel228 for :iconroysovitch: Roysovitch's Earth-27 project.

Character belongs to DC Comics.

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Nice! I like that's she's called Arrowette like she was in the YOUNG JUSTICE comics and not Artemis like on the animated series. But I guess since Thea Queen is canon now she's the new Artemis? Is there an Earth-27 version of Empress?
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Man, Thea looks badass.
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I think she looks better with the hood up. 
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Wonder if Thea here was part of Roy Harper’s band Great Frog back then? It would be cool if she had some slight musical experience.
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Looks like some inspiration from the show here
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Great use of the TV design. I have to admit I'm a bit confused trying to follow the Earth-27 Team Arrow. You have all three versions of Ollie's "sister" figure (Thea, Mia, and Emiko) plus Roy and I think Artemis? Is there a file I should read that explains who's who and what codenames they've used?
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Only Thea is Ollie's sister, and she was the first Arrowette. Mia has an unknown connection at the moment to Ollie is the 3rd person to go by Speedy. Emiko is Oliver's daughter in E-27 with Shado, and is currently going by Arrowette
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Thanks, that helps. By "sister figure," I meant that they were his sisters or his adopted family in various media (Thea on the show, Emiko in the comics. Mia wasn't related to him but was the partial inspiration for Thea). I figured their histories were different on Earth-27.

So were the Speedys Roy, Artemis, and Mia and the Arrowettes were Thea and Emiko? Is that right?
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Yes. In this universe, Oliver’s first sidekick was Roy as Speedy in 2003. Then Thea became Arrowette and both joined the Titans. But Thea had a drug problem and Roy often got in trouble with Jason Todd. These Titans were basically teen celebrities. Their wild ways caught up to them on Halloween of 2006 when Jason was killed. Most the Titans were hit hard by this and dropped ou, but none was hit harder than Roy. He joined the League in order to bring Jason back, but then he tried to escape and lost his arm in the process. 

Thea’s story afterleaving the Titans has yet to be told. 

Then Artemis Crock attempted to kill Bruce Wayne in early 2007 as part of her initiation into the League but changed her mind. Bruce didn’t want to take in another kid so soon after Jason so Oliver took her in. She became the second Speedy in Roy’s memory after they believed he sided when they found his arm. She later grew up and became Tigress.

Currently, Oliver has three sidekicks. Red Arrow, his son Connor Hawke (the child of him and Nyssa al Ghul), Arrowette his daughter Emiko Queen and the new Speedy, Mia Dearden.
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Thank you! That clears things up for me. A bit convoluted but hey, that's part of what I love about comics.
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Here's the link to Green Arrow's wiki page.…

You can can read up on his history and from there, branch out to his kids, wife and other allies and eventually the overall Earth-27 Universe. There's also a really neat timeline page.
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Nice. Thank you again. I forgot there was an Earth-27 wiki.
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Nice colors. I also like how her costume looks like a jacket.
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Like the hood up version better
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Earth-27 Thea Queen as a younger heroine/sidekick
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Oh sweet I love this costume to
AzureVirgo's avatar

Willa Holland's costume on Arrow
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Absolutely incredible!
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Yes, Phil did an excellent job.
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