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Angie Aimes (Earth-27) commission

By phil-cho
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Original character "Angie Aimes" created and commissioned by :iconamethystangel228: amethystangel228 (Hali Rihn)

(Fan submission to Roysovitch's Earth-27)
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This is a pretty cool redesign of Angie. Very nice.

Will this mean her Gremlin costume will be getting a redesign as well?
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The love of my Earth-27 life (in addition to my husband/ex-husband that is).

amethystangel228 I adore her design here. It really highlights the silliness that you don't get to see in her other picture.

Now I totally need to scrape funds together to give Em a casual outfit too.

Excellent work, Phil.
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I am admittedly quite thrown for a loop by the stark difference between this picture of Angie and the one I remember originally, so can someone explain this sudden difference please?
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Two years in E27 time and one year in real life. 

The previous Angie would've been her circa her and Ellie's move to Gotham. This is her as of 2017. The real life bit is just the evolution of Phil's style. 

As for the other differences... I wanted to go with an expression and pose that showed a bit more of Angie's playful and casual side, since the other picture was her in her work clothes.

There may also be influences from the fact that, as of 2017, she's been neighbors and friends with Em Parker for two years. That definitely had to have had effects on her personality in terms of helping her loosen up. 
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I see, well that’s good for Ms Aimes, just like it was pleasantly surprising to see Violeta smiling in her Steampunk outfit. Thank you for the information, AmethystAngel228.
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I have to correct myself: 2017 is three years since the move to Gotham; they moved in 2014. Sorry about that. 
You are quite welcome :D
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If Angie got an update, then I hope Elissa is not far behind!
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:love: I'm so glad you like it! And I agree with the silliness; from the other picture, you'd never guess this woman would prank some poor sap by pretending to be a therapist... This one? Oh yeah, she'd totally do that! ;) 

The other updated pictures are going to be just as much fun, I hope! :mwahaha: 
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I cannot wait

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The two pictures are the before and after hanging too much with Em
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Hey! I resemble that remark!
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It's totally a good thing ;)
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:rofl: Pretty much! The first picture would be Angie about the time her and Ellie moved to Gotham, and thus became Em's neighbors. This one would be Angie as of yeah, two years of friendship with Em later... :love:
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Don't do drugs, kids, do Em
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Earth27FanGirl Do you agree with that? lol
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I like the hint of Celtic-design in her top!
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Ah yes!  Great update!  Vicki definitely has some competition here!
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Those dreamy :love:

She's mine! Lol
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