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Lets Eat - Phan Part 3
Phil's POV
I knew Dan was lying to me, he wasn't fine. He was sick. He wasn't eating and when he did eat just to prove me “wrong” He would throw it back up. I've heard him at night. I was too worried that he would deny any help or run off if I tried. I was sat in front of the bathroom door hearing him vomit what little he had just eaten. It killed me to hear this, it took everything for me not to rush into the bathroom and make him stop, but I couldn't, I couldn't deny him the trust of me not listening to him every time he went to the bathroom, but I needed him to stop, I couldn't lose him.
I waited by the bathroom, listening to him sob in the shower, each sob ripped me apart, each sob made me know I had to do something soon. I couldn't keep begging him to eat because eventually he would hate me for making him eat. I had to help him.
While I was lost in my thoughts I didn't hear the shower turn off, I didn't realize he was coming out of the bathroom until the door o
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 16 27
Lets Eat - Phan Part 2
4 days after dinner with Phil's family I was laying on the couch when Phil came in looking quite upset. "Dan.." Phil said very quietly, I sat up and pulled my legs to my chest.
"Yeah?" I asked, I was a bit worried about what he was going to say, maybe he was going to break up with me because I had gotten so fat, he looked so upset, Finally when he looked me in the eyes I knew he was going to say it, my heart was beating so fast, "Look, we need to talk..".
"Dan, why haven't you been eating?" ding ding ding. There we go. Lie. Quick.
"What are you talking about? I eat" I said in rushed words, I wanted him to believe me, but I also wanted to tell him my worries. But that wouldn't work, he'd just lie to me and say I'm perfect the way I am, but thats a lie. I'm not perfect, I'm fat and ugly.
"Dan, I watch you at dinner time, you talk to me constantly and you dont eat. Whats wrong? Is my cooking bad? Do you not like what I make?" Phil asked, I didn't want to worry him because his cook
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 19 26
Lets Eat - Phan Part 1
Dan's POV
I never thought of myself as fat. I wasn't exactly skinny or complete muscle but I wasn't exactly fat either. I never ever saw the little bit of fat on my stomach as a problem before, everyone that sits down has that. Its not there when I stand up. Normal isn't it?
I let it go until I saw some comments on youtube,
"This guy is such a fat ass hahaha" "like if you agree he has been getting kind of chunky LOL" "Geez Dan, Put down the malteasers HAHAHA"
Those were only a select few that I actually see in the mass ammounts of comments that get made. Most are lovely, the majority of them are very lovely, but the rude ones are the ones that stick out the most. Its like they are highlighted on the screen in bold print and seem to be a bigger text size than the rest. I looked down at myself, I was fat wasn't I? I had really let myself go haven't I? Well, maybe if I go on a diet, maybe do some crunch ups before I go to bed. The gym was no option, I didn't want people to laugh at
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 34 26
You Belong With Me - Phan
You're on the phone with your girlfriend ‒ she's upset,
She's going off about something that you said
'Cause she doesn't get your humor like I do.

Phil was sitting in his bed, talking to his girlfriend on the phone. She is arguing with him because he cancelled their plans to hang out with me, we had been friends longer and had this hang out just us time planed for a while. You could say she doesn't like me because Phil talks about me a lot when she is around. "That was a joke! You don't have humor like Dan...I was just stating a fact babe!" Phil said into his phone while throwing his free hand up into the air. It was true, I understood his jokes and she didn't and she'd get mad at him.
I'm in the room ‒ it's a typical Tuesday night.
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like.
And she'll never know your story like I do.

I took Phil's phone from him, "He's busy," I said hanging up the phone, Phil had the moment of panic flash into his eyes. I just hung
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 119 45
Sarcastic Sally. Or should it be Dan? - Phan
You know, I should really make a video like I promised, but hey, I'm Dan, when do I ever do anything on time, I'm sat watching high school musical for probably the 10th time in the past month. It was always in the DVD player and by the time I remembered it was in there I had already sat down so it was too late to actually get up and change it.
See along with procrastinating my life away, I've also got this thing called lazy where once I sit down there is no getting up unless it is urgent. I'm actually surprised I haven't had a heart attack walking up the stairs to my bedroom.
"What would ever happen if you go in trouble and had to run from the police?" Phil asked taking a seat beside me.
I shrugged, "Like anyone else would, I'd run" I said simply, what did he think I'd do just stand there and take it? No I'd run!
"There is a few things wrong there, 1, you can't run and 2, they'd ask you why you were running and you'd get in more trouble." Phil explained, he was always the one that knew
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 11 1
Summer Love - Phan
Can't believe you're packing your bags
Trying so hard not to cry

The summer was over, Vacation is over, it is time to get back home to start school soon. Sometimes its easy to pack up and go but if you find your summer love, its the worst thing that can happen. They met in Florida, Phil having his annual summer vacation with his family and Dan living in Florida. It was one of those clumsy things that happen, Phil tried to throw a ball on the beach and it ended up accidently hitting a guy that was walking down the boardwalk. This guy ended up being Dan. They say that instantly falling in love is false love, but for them it wasn't. Accidently hitting Dan was probably one of the best things that could have ever happened to Phil.
They had the best summer romance that could have happened to anyone. But now the summer was over and it was time for Phil to go back home. Because Dan had moved from England to Florida he promised to visit Phil when they v
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 22 27
Vanilla Twilight - Phan
The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you

It was family vacation time and my family was in Sicily. It wouldn't be too bad but I missed him. My family decided to take a family vacation and it was a day after I moved in with Phil. My Phil, my loving boyfriend. After leaving University we thought it would be best to just move in together, rather than me moving back down with my parents. So after I got my stuff moved in I had to leave for Sicily. I hardly got to see him and I miss him. So here I am, laying in my bed in Sicily missing him.
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere
Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me

I wasn't sure how long it would be until I would be able to fall to sleep. There wasn't much of a time difference here in Sicily, I wasn't going to blame the plane ride or the time difference on the reason why I wasn't able to sleep. I just wanted to be in his arms, to fall to sleep.
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 13 9
This Turbulence Is Beautiful - Phan
Yeah we are
Talking about
Plastic girls,
With egotistic guys
I was sitting with Phil at our usual lunch table at school. See, Phil is my best mate, has been for about 2 years now. We met a couple of grades back and have been best mates ever since.
It was a slow day here, the lunch room crowded with the usual, preppy, plastic, jock, ass hole guys. Nothing out of the ordinary. Mind you, some of the preppy girls are pretty, but they wouldn't waste their time on me or anyone else like me. But I didn't care, I wasn't too interested in girls anyway. I was pretty happy being the 17 year old gay boy, mind you I'm not the only one, Phil is openly gay. I didn't get picked on because of it, but thats because no one knew I was gay, my little secret. But I did notice that the plastic girls were getting more of the jocks attention than the preppy girls, which made me and Phil laugh.
Oh yeah talking about
It looks void

"Its really stupid ya know," Phil started to s
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 33 21
You're beautiful - Phan
My life is brilliant.
Or at least it was.
My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.

Like I said, it was brilliant, I had a love of my life. All until he left me. Didn't say why, he just left. I didn't understand. He just up and left one day saying he didn't want to live with me anymore.
See Me and my best friend Phil lived together for the longest time, we shared an apartment in London. We had met on the internet. He was a youtuber that I admired and we eventually met in Manchester and became the best of friends. We never fought, and he never left like this before. Usually it wouldn't hurt as much if someone left to go live somewhere else but this time it really hurt, it hurt because I loved him, but I never told him in fear of him leaving, which he left anyway so it didn't matter anymore. It has been 3 long months of him being away, not keeping in contact, never returned any of my phone calls, and I haven't seen him around town, it was like he disappeared.
I saw an angel
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 28 23
The Semi-Blind Date - Part 2 - Phan
When I said it was far from the end, that is exactly what I meant. Our perfect moment of finally meeting for the first time turned into dinner the next week, then a movie a few days after that. I liked to consider those 3 times we've went out together as sort of mini dates. He seemed to take an interest in me and hes been apparently talking about me to PJ a lot in class.
I wouldn't say we were boyfriends yet but I was willing to take a shot at asking him. We had a date set up for me to go over to his apartment on Saturday so he wouldn't have to worry about having enough hang out time because he wouldn't have class that day. I was going to ask him then so if he rejected me then I could just leave, it would be less awkward for me to leave than him. We hadn't really planned on what we were going to do yet, but he said we were going to get take out, So we'd probably watch a movie or play a video game too.
I slowly got over my nerves when meeting him out somewhere but now that I knew that I
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 18 23
The Semi-Blind Date - Phan
It wasn't very often that you get set up on a semi-blind date. I didn't know what to expect when I walked into the café and saw that beautiful black haired boy sitting there waiting for me. Let me explain how I got to this moment. This breath taking moment.
I haven't dated anyone in a while, ever since I came out as gay I had lost a bunch of friends, but luckily my two best friends Chris and PJ stuck by my side. I never found the right guy for me, no one ever caught my attention and all the guys at the bar only wanted one thing, they didn't care for a commitment because they were just going to go back to the bar the next night for their fling. I wasn't in university yet, I had taken a year off to collect my thoughts and figure out what I wanted to do. Chris would usually hang out with me while PJ was at University.
"So, how have you and PJ been?" I asked Chris as we sat in the lounge of his apartment and played video games,
"Pretty good, the usual, nothing new really. Well ex
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 48 24
They Don't Know About Us - Phan
People say we shouldn’t be together
"Fags" "Losers" "Ew there they are again" is what we know they will say to us, All the kids at school. Our parents know
Too young to know about forever
but they always say they don't expect us to last long.
But I say they don’t know what they're talk talk talkin’ about
I always tell Phil not to worry because his danosaur will always be there for him, that I'll never leave him , no one knows what they're talking about. Only we know and thats all that matters.
Cause this love is only getting stronger
I sat with Phil in my room, we were laying on my bed together when I finally got up the courage to tell him what I've wanted to tell him for a long time.
So I don’t wanna wait any longer
"I love you boo" I said to Phil, he is my one and only, never another one like him.
I just wanna tell the world that you're mine girl

"I love you too Dan" Phil said to me smiling, that smile gave me hope
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 16 9
Cheers To Partying Part 3 - Phan
Phil had no one, he was alone, alone in New York City.
Its not like Dan had nowhere to go, he had money for a hotel, he could easily just go see Tim at work then come back home with him to give Phil some time to cool off. He could go to Anthony’s….”No Dan, stupid, stupid, that was what made this happen, never see him again, avoid him, text him and tell him you can never see him again because your boyfriend is jealous” Dan thought to himself. Dan walked out of the loft building and onto the streets of New York. It was a nice night out, it wasn’t cold, it wasn’t too hot, the streets were a bit crowded but that’s what you get when you’re in New York.
The streets were light up with lights from all the buildings around, it wasn’t quiet either, you could hear people talking, constantly, horns beeping, people whistling for taxis, business people talking on their cell phones. Dan’s cell phone didn’t work in New
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 13 9
Fallen Lover - Phan
I never wanted to see him go, but that’s what he wanted to do. That’s what his father wanted him to do, that’s what his brother wanted him to do. But that’s not at all what I wanted him to do. Dan joined the reserves, he’s always said that’s what he was going to do, that no one was going to stop him, that it was what he was meant to do, he’s always liked those types of video games, with the killing and the war stuff, everyone told him that was nowhere close to what it was actually like, but he didn’t care, he wanted to fight and protect. I begged him not to go, but he did, he left, he told me he loved me and left. My boyfriend of 3 years left.
I remember it as if it was yesterday, he got the phone call late in the evening, we were sitting at the dinner table at a restaurant when his phone rang. He excused himself from the table and then left to answer the call. I never thought anything of the call, until he came back stone faced with the
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 35 12
Cheers To Partying Part 2 - Phan
It was rough the first couple of months to get situated and everything at Tim’s place but after they got over the fact that they were never going back to their old lives they were fine. Time was a musician and he had gigs all over England so most of the time Dan and Phil were left alone in Tim’s house, they didn’t do much, mostly just sat around and played video games or surfed the internet. Time usually cooked them dinner or brought something back if he was out that day, his gigs were usually at night so he practised with his band for most of the day.
“So boys, how was your day?” Tim asked, Phil smiled,
“It was good, we played more video games, I cleaned up a bit, we went for a walk,” Phil said squeezing Dan’s hand under the table, they were currently sitting at the dinning room table eating take out. They didn’t have to hide their sexuality from Tim but with Dan being left handed and Phil being right handed, them holding hands und
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 12 18
Moments - Phan
Shut the door, turn the light off
Phil walked onto the hospital floor where Dan’s room was, Room 118, ICU, Dan had been in a serious accident, he walked out on a fight that him and Phil had and he ended up getting hit by a bus. Phil walked into Dan’s room and shut the door, Flicking off the light in the room because he didn’t want to see Dan all mangled up.
I wanna be with you
Phil walked over to Dan’s bed and felt for Dan’s hand.
I wanna feel your love
Phil picked up Dan’s cold hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.
I wanna lay beside you
Phil gently laid down beside Dan’s unconscious body
I cannot hide this even though I try
“I love you so much Dan, I’m so sorry” Phil whispered, Phil tried to hold back the tears from falling out of his eyes.
Heart beats harder
Phil’s heart was hammering in his chest, his heart ached to just hear Dan’s voice one last time.
Time escapes me
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 48 27



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