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Four years and two days later

"Morning humans," I called out; for some reason when I woke up I felt so ecstatic! Maybe it was because of what Melanie said to be before we went to bed. She said she loved me. And she never lost hope that I'd be okay. She even waited for me.

"Someone's happy." James murmured "about what Melie said."

"Shut up ruffles!" I counteracted. Now I know what you're thinking, "what up with the ruffles thing?" Well, James really grew up while I was –I'm going to say "away". Anyway, he grew not only in height, but in kindness as well. (I guess I could say looks too.)  And for some stupid reason he was wearing a ruffled girly purple shirt. "Why are you wearing that shirt anyway?"

"It's this stupid bet I made with myself. I swore that if you ever got any better, and/ or woke up, I'd do something you'd never forget." It was true, I would never forget this. Ever.  Insert evil laugh here.

"So, did you and Melie kiss?" Scorp asked in a very carrying whisper.  How did he know?

"I don't think that's any of your business, Scorpy!" He glared at me. He hates it when I call him that. Even though I was healed, I was still getting glares from my best friend. Life's back to normal. Scorp's over here a lot. He was invited to breakfast yesterday.

"So you DID kiss? I KNEW IT!" than Scorp stared dancing around the room saying how awesome he was. It made my day. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better. Melanie walked in; my heart seemed to stop. She smiled at me, I melted.

"That's some dance there Scorp." Lily said cheekily. I grinned, Scorp scowled at her.

"It's better than what you could've ever done. Lil' miss can't dance!" We all laughed; sometimes it was as if everything was still the same. As if I didn't "fall" down the stairs. And...Well you know the rest.

"Melie, Al loves you!" Scorp shouted. The look he gave me after I glared at him was pure gold. It was a mixture of happiness, sadness (don't know where that came from) joy, stupid-ness, and just plain Scorpy- ness.

Scorp never heard me say I didn't love her. And I think I still did—do love her. I was just about to tell him that when Draco Malfoy came in said hello to my mum, saw me and ran, and I mean ran up to give me a hug! "I knew it! I just knew you'd be okay!" he said, just than my father walked in.

"Hello Draco," he greeted him warmly. Ever since first year when James said not to become Scorp's friend, I just know I had to be Scorp's friend just to rub it in his face. The thing was I never excepted we'd become best friend, ever.

"It's nice to see you Mr. Malfoy," I said kindly, I've always liked him, he's actually very, very nice.

"Draco," he corrected kindly, I smiled. He looked at me differently, almost admiringly.

"Draco," I said.

"Well…you sure do look…different don't you Ali?"

"Yeah, I guess. I just have so many questions and no one wants to answer them." I said glaring at my family. Once I looked back to Draco. My fire-like green eyes popped. Draco looked older. I knew he was around the age of…what 35, in first year? Now I don't feel like doing the math so, all I know is he's over 40, and looks 56. But he's no where near that age, what could be wrong with him? His once full head of pale blond hair, was almost gone, his gray stormy eyes looked peaceful and aged. He was very thin now. Skin pale…he almost looked sick. He wore a simple traveling cloak, and trousers, along with black slacks.

"Well," my father broke in, "If you have so many questions Al, they ask them. Than the rest of the family has to see that you're okay.  So that should be—"

"Fun?" James guessed.

"Sure, why not," my father added.

"Enough talk," my mother said, "it's time to eat." Ah, there's my good old mum. She still looked beautiful in her flowery, light blue apron. Her fiery, long, hair was simply pushed behind her ears. Her shirt beneath the apron was light blue; it really complemented her hair very well; along with that she was wearing a long, flowing white, skirt. After all those years I was "away", she still managed to look beautiful. She smiled at my father, and he kissed her cheek, and whispered something into her ear. She smiled and blushed; she giggled slightly. Talk about gross.

"What about my questions? Ya'll said you'd answer them. No matter how many there are…"

"We didn't say that last part." My sister said cheekily. I glared at her, just like old times. Sometimes she wanted to make my life hell. But sometimes she really wanted me to succeed at what I did. It's why I love her they way I do. It's a new, odd kind of love.  

"Yeah well…will you?" I asked.

"Of Corse, so," my father answered, "what do you want to know?"

I took a deep breath, cleared my mind, and before I even I had a chance to ask all of my over flowing questions, my family came in the kitchen. And by family I mean everyone who didn't live in the house with me. So all my uncles, aunts, cousins, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, and new sibling I didn't even know existed. We—the Potters didn't even eat yet, it seems as if, either someone doesn't want me to get my questions answered, or this was all unplanned. Why do I have a feeling, it was the first one?

"Ali, oh sweetheart thank goodness you're alright!" My grand mum said in a hurry, as she took in my appearance. She looked shocked at what she saw. "Wow… you look…" was she going to say hot, if she did then I swear on my grandpa James's grave, I would laugh, and say, "Can't you look beneath what the eye sees?" "…different," she finally finished slowly.

Greetings were passed, this lasted for what seemed like forever, but I found out it was about three hours. When everyone left, my family finally got to eat. Everything was fantastic; I felt happy. So why do I think everyone is hiding something from me? This is killing me! I'm going to ask the questions now. It's now or never! I never even got a chance, because my father left for work. I forgot he works, they said they'd answer everything at dinner. I guess for now I'll stick with never until, someone wants to answer my now…

Since I  was supposed to be out of Hogwarts, I didn't have anything to do, so Melie, and I went out on our first date, which is long overdue. I took her to a fireworks show! We had a great time. But, for some reason I couldn't get over the fact that she wanted something besides the date. Did Melie want me to go back in time, so we'd have more time together?

"What's up Melie, you seem distracted. Is everything okay?"

"Al, are you sure, you don't want to go back we could have all the time in the world! You wouldn't feel the way you do now! It would all feel different!" Her big brown eyes were searching into me, I had told Melie, that I didn't want to go back in time. She looked so sad I was tempted to say yes. But I had to stand up for this. I remember thinking if the fall destroyed my life or saved it, well now I know my answer. It saved my life. Before I was so miserable, and couldn't wait to leave for Hogwarts, just to get away from my family. But ever since the fall I learned to love them more than ever. I now know that if I changed what happened, I'll never be happy.

Should I just take all these feelings and bottle them up, or should I just go back to never being heard?

Could someone tell me the answer?
Art work isn't mine. Idea is mine. inspired by family guy.

J.k Rowling owns characters yada yada yada!

Comments are welcome!!!

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