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The Adventures Of Calvin 'Fire' Red - Cover 2

By Phi8
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I know it's a bit atypical for a Pokémon comic cover to not have any Pokémon on it, but this is me trying something out. It should give a certain atmosphere, that is supossed to make another thing further in the story clearer... ;)
As always, if you feel like critisising my whole comic, you can do that here.

Ik weet dat het wat atypisch is voor een Pokémonstripcover om geen enkele Pokémon erop te hebben, maar ik ben gewoon iets aan het uitproberen. Het zou een zeker gevoel moeten geven dat iets anders verder in het verhaal duidelijker zou moeten maken ;)
En zoals gewoonlijk mag je hier m'n hele strip bekritiseren als je dat wilt.
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'EY Phi, this looks great~
Im also happy to see an alternative design to Misty~
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Thanks! She was so much fun designing and drawing!
That's the other reason for making the cover like this. I just wanted to draw her as soon as possible, because it will take some time before I get to her part of the story.
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This looks like it's going to be good! 
Is that Misty? If so, it looks like you made her a nice person. You don't see too many nice versions of her. :)
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That might be Misty, yes :p
Is it? In  the nuzlockes I read she isn't a really important character most of the time. Neither nice nor bad. In the anime she wasn't that pleasant, but as a protagonist she had to appeal, so that's also out of the question. And isn't she one of the good guys in the Adventure manga? On the other hand, I indeed sense a slightly 'bad' atmosphere around her but I have no idea were that would come from. What Kanto Nuzlockes do you read? Maybe there's the answer :)
Anyway, what some Nuzlockes also tend to do with Misty is sexualising her. I have something planned for her with that (very loosely) in mind.
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Oooh, can't wait. ^^
I can't exactly remember which ones I've read where she's like that... 
I just remember that she was more of a negative character. I wish I could though...
But she's definitely not depicted as very important either.
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I'mm getting excited now! Can't wait to see what will happen next ;D
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The things I am foreshadowing in the cover won't be there soon, but lots of interesting stuff happen before that!
Can't wait to draw it :p
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Me neither! This is gonna be cool! ;D
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