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Ok soooo when i shake my game cartage I can hear something has come loose. When I asked others what it meant, and if I should be worried. They all said it was normal and that I should fuss about it. Buut... My copy of heart gold is my most valuable game b/c I have caught all of my most valuable shiny Pokemon on that game copy. So obviously, I put up a fuss about this game. So, since the game is old and it may be time to move on from there, I'm asking If I should (Keep in mind that all these shinies are legit and I hunted for them) transport all my shinies from that game into a newer game For example, something like Pokemon X,Y so just tell me what I should do, and maybe I will hold a poll about it.

I got her!! by Pheuxie

Fire birb (wow this camera sucks) by Pheuxie

Fire weasel by Pheuxie

Sexy cat beast by Pheuxie
okay so I might be changin my fursona a lot. Like... A LOT it's just that Frankie looked a lot like another OC that belonged to somebody else. sooo i hope ya guys don't mind too much. im probably gonna change my fursona from Jackie too lol. I wont be changin my username just probably my icon and my profile banner to mach the countless fursonas i will experiment with until I make a fursona that suits me and decide to keep.

thanks for understanding.