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Scarborough Fair

A bit of fanart from this video…
I have a personal love for this song and hearing it so nicely covered and interpreted was a real treat
AND I get to draw unicorns and dragons? Win win
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Thanks! Good seeing you here again, Silver

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Lovely bit of art, well done.
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Much appreciated!

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Looks just great, I love how muted the colours are. 
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A close friend of mine was working in muted colors and I had to take a page from their book and try my hand at it, glad I did

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Well shoot this is perty but now I'm sad lol
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Honestly how I felt watching the video the entire time

"Well great, now I'm sad"

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I want more closure 😭 the happier kind
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Wow! I love those details! Very lovely :0

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wahh this is so soft and beautiful, the atmosphere is lovely ;0; I love the sense of motion in your art!
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Thanks, Asche! I try dude

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Awh hell yes, this interpretation of the video is so awesome, vvv
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Thank you! I had to give it a go, the animation and music was too good

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...That is amazing. There isn't enough words to describe how epicly beautiful this is. :love:

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Thanks! Music is one of my biggest motivators and I happy it shows even a little through art

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Those clouds, so well executed!
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Thank you! They are one of the most enjoyable things to paint

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