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Name: Rebel Scum of Eorlingas
Nickname: Fiach (hunter)
Gender: Mare
Breed: Zlesdin
Height: 174 cm
Age: 6 years
Discipline: Cross Country
Rider/handler:  Mike Reyes
Group ID: ZM0644

Colour: Sooty seal brown stallion
Markings:  Irregular blaze + four leg markings
Genotype: Ee/Ata/nSty
Breeding status: :bulletgreen: Available

Fiach is the embodiment of a mare stereotype. She wakes up every morning and chooses violence. She could be in the best of moods and still pin her ears if someone so much as steps poorly in her direction. Despite her attitude, she is not actually aggressive or anything like that, it's all for show. Behind all the pinned ears and foot stamping, she will begrudgingly allow riders. It takes a lot of time and training for her to accept new riders but with the ones she does work with, she is exemplary temperament-wise. Her fiery disposition only adds to the elagance and power behind her movements that always lights up any ring.

Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown


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YaminaKakarot's avatar

This mare is gorgeous!

Is she open for breeding? I would be interested in getting a slot to her...

Zoubstance's avatar

Goodness, she is drop-dead-gorgeous :love: I gotta love her personality as well, hahaha :giggle:

Pherigo's avatar

Credit due to her designer wink wonk

Aliyska's avatar

That looks amazing! Your style is stunning ;; <3 The way you work with colors is especially admirable :heart: I am in love!

And man, Fiach is such a pretty girl. Her pose represents her temper and fire so well ID

Pherigo's avatar

Thank you she is my new favorite subject to paint, I love her so much

Vocalix's avatar

Ooo what a stunning Zlesdin! Love her movement :D

Pherigo's avatar

Thank you, I really love her coat. Dapples and bays are my weaknesses

MsBeesa's avatar
She's very beautiful :)
Pherigo's avatar

Thank you! It was fun to really learn how to make a horse's coat shine

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