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Commission Prices - CLOSED

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How to:
Comment or send me a note with an email I can send an invoice to, character reference, and what you'd like me to draw.
I can do animals, monsters, dragons, and people.
I will send you a sketch and invoice once we decide where to start.

Bullet; Green The sketch can be altered as many times as it takes to get the desired piece. Nothing crazy like 7+ sketches please
Bullet; Yellow Once the painting stage begins, I merge all the layer so 3 changes are allowed. Any more and additional charges will be included for my time.

Side Note:
There will be sales held in the future with drastically cut prices so be sure to be on the lookout for those!

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, thank you for stopping by!
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ughs's avatar

is this up to date or nah? wasn't sure bc you seem to maybe be on absence? would looove a stylized piece whenever you're open :)

Pherigo's avatar

Yep they're up to date! I'm a bit back up on orders at the moment but I can send you a message when I open back up? Thanks for asking!

ughs's avatar

yes that'd be great!

Takitachan's avatar

Is the coloured sketch/lined price for a half-body or a full-body? or is 40 the base price? c:

Pherigo's avatar

40 is the price for a fullbody, thanks for asking!

Issuila's avatar

I repeat: opportunity may knock once, but temptation leans on the doorbell

SilverWolfRKO's avatar
i love your Style every Piece is absolutly beautiful! I would love to Order a Portrait or even a Painting, of my character, but im a lillte bit afraid, to be honest XD. My English is okey, but i fear i cant discribe her THAT good, and sadly i dont have any Pictures of her, as Reference... Hmm... haa its so tempting XD
Pherigo's avatar

Hello and my apologies for the late response! If you would like, you can note me with a few details and see if we can work something out? I can go based on a description alone, no pictures needed. Up to you!

Tetsuya736's avatar
How much would it be to add an additional character, like a couples commission, to a drawing?
Pherigo's avatar
Depending on what the drawing is, I'd say between $20-75 USD. If it were a sketch, it'd be only $20 extra, but if it were a painting, it'd be $75 extra. Hope that makes sense
Issuila's avatar

opportunity may knock once, but temptation leans on the doorbell

Pherigo's avatar
Thanks for always supporting me for real though
Issuila's avatar

Always will, bro.

Tamashi-Sama's avatar
For the colored sketch, would you be okay if the commission were to be something like species colored sketch where you would draw a few poses and/or head shots of a creature X) ?
Pherigo's avatar
Of course! And since it'd be multiples, the price would probably drop too so instead of $40 per piece, it'd be $40 to start and +10$ for every colored sketch added.
Tamashi-Sama's avatar
I hope it wouldn’t be too much if I were to say it would be 2 full bodies for adults, 1 full body for a youngster, a headshot for a front head view and a small view of the creatures claws La la la la 
Pherigo's avatar
Not at all, that's perfectly doable! Just send me a note if you're interested and we can discuss further details 
Tamashi-Sama's avatar
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