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No one wants to talk about itNo one wants to talk about it but I will. I’m tired of it. Most people don’t speak or say anything about it.
It being the frequent use of Sexual assault in the wolf RPG community. It’s gross, it’s disrespectful and it needs to completely stop. 
The recent handling of the topic is ignorant and most of the time it leans on the side of being a fetish. Slapping a mature filter on top and justifying it by saying "Roleplay is not a reflection of the player"  is NOT OK when its mishandled. 
"Roleplay is not a reflection of the player."
 Agreed. But when you mishandle the topic and make it seem like its a fetish? when you don't fade to black and you continue to write grotesque details? That is a kink/fetish RP. At that point, that IS a reflection on the player.
Recent events made me write this but even before that, in my 8 years as a RPer and RPG admin, sexual assault has been used time and time again as some sort of fl

It’s time to stop. Many of you know about it and many of you may have even seen it first hand, having rape and sexual abuse as mere plot devices in role play. This is a disgusting display of indifference on the writer’s part as they are not usually writing the rape into the story to bring awareness but sometimes even go as far as just to have a character have babies (see the journal below for screenshots). This problem is rampant and many of us have stood by and let it happen. 

This group name dropped my friend Kumotogi and dragged her into this so I am personally invested in the situation. She has a journal with evidence of the group trying to clean up their mess and screenshots of the disgusting rp in question:
PSA To The WWF Communitywarning!! small iconWarning, this journal contains mature themes in the screens regarding the topics of rape and predatory fetishes, please do be advised as you keep scrollingwarning!! small icon  
New * Note laThere are also helpful links to various journals that have spoke up on the subject belowArrow down , please do read those as well!Note la  
yes, this is a callout as koeyohte so graciously dropped my name in her public group after I took the higher ground and never pointed fingers, now I am forced to defend myself.
Quoting this here since y'all like twisting things to suit yourselves, even though your extremely bad at it.
- Our concern is not that a maturity filter and trigger warnings are in place. O

There is an abhorrent amount of rape fetish and sexual abuse roleplayed in canine ARPG groups here on dA.
Time to put an end to that.
Dirt Kid
Gift for my bud, Kumotogi 

Hope everyone is having a good day, best to ya!
Hill Dragon
Another piece I did for Somnio Games

This work belongs to Somnio Games and may not be reused, sold, altered, or re-uploaded in any shape or form.
Musician's Rum
Birthday gift for a friend of mine featuring two cats who stand strong against the stereotype that cats don't love.
Meet Bacardi and Mozart.


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I love your gallery
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I totally favourited ALOT of your gallery and I'm not sorry. 
Pherigo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018
Well, thank you!
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Your gallery is spectacular. ;_; I love your painting style. So much gorgeous detail; everything looks 3D!

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Pherigo Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018
Thank you! I'm glad to have you on this wild ride with me
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Thank you! I'll be sure to drill out more firedrakes than my watchers can handle
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