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The Three Species War :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 1 0
J.A.V.U.S.P by pheonixghost
Mature content
J.A.V.U.S.P :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 0 0
A quick fiction
Frenn closed his eyes and took a deep, calming breath, gently digging his claws into the tree branch below him. The teen Forest Glider was still learning to glide, but he was determined to get this one right. Most of his classmates still couldn’t manage gliding, especially in the sudden winds of the tall forests. He’d be so cool if he could manage this so fast.
With one more calming breath, he opened his eyes and thrust himself from his perch, stretching his arms out in front of him, and letting the thin membrane that ran from his wrists to his ankles stretch out and catch the air. He felt himself stating to glide and laughed. “Yes! Yes! I’m Gl—OOF!!”
He was cut off as he suddenly found his face planted in the trunk of a tree. He’d forgotten a very basic rule: look where you’re going. He had a moment to consider how glad he was that nobody had seen that particular error, and then he was falling. It was then that he realized his other mist
:iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 2 6
Kaodri by pheonixghost Kaodri :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 2 5 Got an art tablet! by pheonixghost Got an art tablet! :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 1 2 Lohli Easter conest Entry 2017 by pheonixghost Lohli Easter conest Entry 2017 :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 4 4 I baked you a pie... by pheonixghost I baked you a pie... :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 2 4 Hi *Spoiler Warning* by pheonixghost Hi *Spoiler Warning* :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 3 4
City Whales (5-17-16)
>:\ Chapter One - Re'anch
Ja'rec fitted his breath mask to his face and took a deep breath, spreading his arms out. The strong wind ruffled his fur, wisps of pale, orange gas floating past. He slowly extended his flight membranes, then leaned forward, falling from his perch on the edge of his floating city. He fell for a few glorious seconds, then angled so his Flight membranes caught the wind, and he soared back up above his starting point. Ja'rec grinned, doing a few rolls and swoops. In the air, he wasn't the unwanted byproduct of two different species, wasn't the target of every insult; he was just Ja'rec, isolated from the rest of the universe. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and his flight was no different. With a sigh, Ja'rec landed not far from where he'd started, removing his breath mask.
Ja'rec was a half-breed; half human, half Re'anch, the native species of his world, Isarth. His father was a human from earth, and one of the few humans on Isart
:iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 2 11
Chris The security guard by pheonixghost Chris The security guard :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 2 8
ADOCT Round one
Ald, also known as Black Cat, growled in irritation as he surveyed the office building in front of him. Just a seven hours earlier, he’d been told a time and place, then was given a picture and told to kill the person in it at that time and location. He’d managed to catch a flight and get to the location where his target, Miranda Thompson, would be leaving for her lunch break at 12:00, leaving him just over two hours to get everything planned and set up. Normally, he’d have been poking at the building’s defenses for a week by this point, but now he had to go in the hard way.
He took a deep breath to calm himself, then started walking around the building. He was looking for any external access point he could use to get into the security system. He soon found an exposed Cable box located in an isolated area behind the building, which helpfully had an internet jack that hooked directly into the building’s security setup. He grinne
:iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 1 0
Look who I found! by pheonixghost Look who I found! :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 8 13 Laughing Kahl by pheonixghost Laughing Kahl :iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 2 22
Zenieth Round 1
Kole silently stalked towards the docks, his cloak wrapped tightly around him. His steps were silent, what little noise he made absorbed by the mist around him. He kept his hand on his staff, his eyes searching for any hint of his foe. He hadn’t been able to find out much about this ‘Mika Ramoth’, but he knew that she was in the assassin’s guild. For Kole, this was a minor advantage, seeing as his adoptive father was a former member of the guild; He knew some of the guild’s tricks and was prepared for them.
He became more cautious as he neared the docks, his ears perked, alert for even the slightest sound. Even a few seconds of forewarning could be a massive advantage in this fight, and he was determined to get any advantage he could. He held off on using his mistwalking ability, keeping it in reserve. It would be his best shot as an emergency retreat.
“Where are you…” he muttered under his breath, not eager to search the
:iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 1 7
“A woman is sitting in her old, shuttered house. She knows that she is alone in the world; every other thing is dead.
            The doorbell rings.”  At first, she ignores it; everything is dead, what meaning could a doorbell possibly have. She sits wearily, silently contemplating what has been lost to her. Slowly, ever so slowly, she realized that the doorbell still had not stopped ringing. At long last, her curiosity, burning deep inside as it does all beings, bade her to rise, trembling for age to her feet. She shuffled over the faded lily patterns of the rug in the long, dark hallway that led to the door and the satiation of her burning curiosity. Still trembling, she opened her mouth to speak, but found that her voice, disused in her grief, had failed her. She swallowed nervously, clearing her throat and attempting to speak once more.
:iconpheonixghost:pheonixghost 3 9
RP info
RP Info
Length prefrence: any
Style: Literate
Mature content: check with me, but generally allowed with older OCs (ie 16+)
preferred medium: Notes, E-mail, or Skype (note me for contact info)
Open Characters: (ref link will be added)
   Mutant Refuge group
   Camp Millenia
   Linah (and Lucia)
information on these characters here:
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Pizza  by Lovelessdeception Pizza :iconlovelessdeception:Lovelessdeception 11 12
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Artstation Feudal Japan Challenge Entry - Meido by Mr--Einikis Artstation Feudal Japan Challenge Entry - Meido :iconmr--einikis:Mr--Einikis 1,417 51 the biggest fear by Takiroku the biggest fear :icontakiroku:Takiroku 150 7 Corbin by Scuterr Corbin :iconscuterr:Scuterr 132 30 haku wip by Telemaniakk haku wip :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 2,027 108 I Scream, He Screams: Inktober Training by Herokip98 I Scream, He Screams: Inktober Training :iconherokip98:Herokip98 4 4 Blender Crystals by HellMagik666 Blender Crystals :iconhellmagik666:HellMagik666 6 4 Speedpaint Challange 8 by HellMagik666 Speedpaint Challange 8 :iconhellmagik666:HellMagik666 4 3 Human race feature practice 2 by HellMagik666 Human race feature practice 2 :iconhellmagik666:HellMagik666 2 2 Art Again by HellMagik666 Art Again :iconhellmagik666:HellMagik666 2 3 Antimeta Wallpaper by HellMagik666 Antimeta Wallpaper :iconhellmagik666:HellMagik666 3 3 Rbot by HellMagik666 Rbot :iconhellmagik666:HellMagik666 5 4
Try Some, Buy Some
“Ew,” said Girth Loinhammer, putting down his stein. “That is…”
     “Yeah,” agreed Sekhmet, hurriedly rubbing at her tongue. “It’s…it’s got an aftertaste.”
    “I don’t understand the hype. It’s big and it’s bland.”
    “Yo, bartender!” Sekhmet snapped her fingers. “What sort of mead is this?”
    “That, my good…” the bartender seemed a little thrown off by the fact that Sekhmet had the head of a lioness “…lady?”
    “Was it the miniskirt that gave it away?”
    “Yes, well. That is the finest mead that Urmaland has seen since the winter of 409, when levies imposed by the neighbouring Fiefdom of Kirik disrupted trade agreements that had facilitated the import of the king bees necessary to
:icondamonwakes:DamonWakes 5 17
obligatory beach episode by TheSaturnianWildcat obligatory beach episode :iconthesaturnianwildcat:TheSaturnianWildcat 3 3 Flesh Fantasy Five by BlueRogueVyse Flesh Fantasy Five :iconblueroguevyse:BlueRogueVyse 330 11



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