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Dragon Knights -Kirin- CH 5
Dragon Knights – Kirin
Pheonix DeLoures
Chapter Five
“The alarm!” Gwyn screeched again, her eyes wide. “Mother, Papa! Where do I go!? What do I do?” She cried, almost collapsing into tears.
Kirin knew that the alarm usually meant that bandits or raiders were attacking the town and that soon enough Soldiers from the Castle would be on their way on the fastest horses, and what had taken him an hour and a half to travel on foot would only take twenty minutes on horseback, but by then many people could be dead.
He’d been on the Alarm patrol at the castle only once when the alarm had gone off, but now he knew the urgency the town’s people felt while waiting for the Soldier to arrive. Well, Kirin was no longer a simple Soldier, bound by the day’s duty to watch the town and listen for the alarm, he was a Knight, and it was his honor’s duty to protect these people. Gwyn screeched again, and he looked down at her. And Gwyn’s
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Dragon Knights -Kirin- CH 4
Dragon Knights – Kirin
Pheonix DeLoures
Chapter Four
“Welcome to the Silver Knights. You are accepted into the Knighthood…Again.” The Silver Lord cast what seemed like a sarcastic glance at the Green Lord, who rolled his eyes. Once again, the Copper Lord was nowhere to be found.
“Starting now you will represent me and my will on your travels, and as such I will need you to prove your worth. You must undertake a quest for me, to reassure me that my choice was just.” He took a breath, casting a glance at the now closed doorway.
“You will travel to Urie in the north, and find a man named Nate. As I am aware Nate is a thief, and is as untrustworthy as most. He’s got a weakness for young ladies, so you may find him around the gardens. From him you will collect a small jewel that is attached to a silver chain. Nate shouldn’t have parted with it, as my past Knights could not convince him to return it to me.” A pause, and y
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Dragon Knights -Kirin- CH 3
Dragon Knights – Kirin
Pheonix DeLoures
Chapter Three
It had been two weeks since Kirin had finally woken from his three day sleep. The healers had done some amazing work, and now, he had barely any pain left from the wound he’d received on the arena sands. All that was left was some stiffness in the mornings, which the healers had said would work itself out soon enough, and a four inch scar just to the right of his belly button, stretching up to just below his ribcage.
He’d grown bored of the infirmary and had returned to his own room shortly after waking. Now he set to walking the halls of the castle, observing, but never involved. He still attended dinner in the dining hall, he sat with all the people he’d known before, but he felt detached, as if he was no longer there.
Fahren had been locked up in the dungeon pending Kirin’s recovery, and he wanted to head there, but still had yet to come up with anything he wanted to say to the man wh
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Dragon Knights -Kirin- CH 2
Dragon Knights - Kirin
Pheonix DeLoures
Chapter Two
The sun was beating down on his leather armor,
shining blissfully off the silver blade of his sword, his boots
sinking softly the short distance into the sand at his feet as he
braced himself. His long, dark hair was tied back; he'd learned
from the last battle. His dark eyes focused and unfocused, allowing
him to see his opponent and know him, not as a friend, but as an
obstacle. An object in the way of him becoming the Knight he knew he
was destined to be.
Again, the buzzer rang, piercing his thoughts, and he sprang forward, his sword sliding fluidly through the air, clashing against Fahren's sword, the ring of metal in their ears and their arms. Kirin gritted his teeth and pushed forward, his push braced against Fahren's resistance, and there
they stayed, neither giving way, eyes locked.
"I will kill you, Kirin," hissed Fahren though gritted teeth, "I will be the Knight, not you. I will not share my
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Pheonix DeLoures
Current Residence: Alberta, Canada

Jayce's New Face!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 28, 2008, 2:31 PM
My Pretty Boys!

Alright, it's been a while since I posted here, been a while since I updated.
But Today I went and picked up my boy Jaysen's new glass eyes. They are MAGNIFICENT.
He's gone from a shy secluded looking boy, to the brilliant, sarcastic, still a little shy smart ass that I know he is. Now I'm just waiting for my Cillian Murphy head to come in, and then, I can have Ian and Jaysen together for the first time in a long while.

Gah, I love them so much, and I'll have to have pics up sometime soon! Like, tonight or tomorrow~!

Stamp - Lameness v2 by stop-tracing

I Heart Zombies by NRWick doll photography is an art by oki-oki Den of Angels Stamp by riceball :thumb54895921: Stamp :: FAQ I has one by uizu Zodiac Stamp 'Libra' by Sharkfold Chinese Zodiac - Tiger by Sharkfold Supernatural stamp by kshapiro True Ninjas... by edloen Stamp: Zim Fan For Life by reggiewolfpro Stamp - Lameness v2 by stop-tracing

My Doll FAQ :…
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