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Favourite Visual Artist
Any awesome artist in DA that inspires me!
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Scott Pilgrim vs The World
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Friends, The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, a bit of Anime and Manga just to name a few...
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Paramore, All-Time Low, Adam Lambert, Michael Jackson (R.I.P. 1958 - 2009), 90's music the list goes on...
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Anything that interests me...
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Anything that interests me as long as it's creative as it gets
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Old-school nostalgic games, Sonic The Hedgehog series, Mario Bros. series
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If I were to choose a good gaming platform it would have to be PSP series
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Has the obsession of listening to music, drawing, reading, eating and sleeping
Hey everyone! I know this journal post has been quite a surprise for those who have followed me, but I'm back. Kind of. For those who've followed me for my art I'm so sorry for not posting art since my last upload, life has been pretty busy, since I've been in Uni for 2 years, life in general as well as uni has been hectic with assignments, but I'm back to work on some art, both original and fan art! I'm still a bit rusty with my drawings and art style. However I'm still in uni and I might not have some time to post some art everyday, so I'm gonna try and do upload some stuff whenever I can! I'm on my final year of my program and things so far have been going smoothly for me! So, I thought I wanted to take this opportunity to make this journal update about what's been happening to me, I know last year has been a shitstorm for anyone and for that I can't blame anyone, but let's hope for that this year would be a good one. I'm hoping to use not only here but my other social media
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Disclaimer: BEFORE YOU READ MY JOURNAL, IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE VOLUME 5 CHARACTER SHORT TRAILER FOR WEISS SCNHEE STOP READING THIS AND GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! Here's the trailer to anyone who hasn't seen it: I know I'm kinda late into the scene in the RWBY fandom - been in and out of the loop out in the fandom for a while - until I started watching the character trailer for volume 5....... *SPOILER WARNING DOWN BELOW [YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AND OMG IT WAS AMAZING!!!!
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Quick Update!

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 Hello everyone! I'd first like to say that I am so sorry for not uploading as much as I usually am, (I know it's been about a year I last posted a journal here) school (as well as other personal things) were in the way and I also had to partake an exam I had last month. So now that exams are over (for me anyways), I'd thought I do something useful with myself by dropping in here and say that I now have an tumblr art blog, a quick update to let you know I'm not dead! I also have a main blog for where I post random stuff, if you like you can follow me: Main art blog: And
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Your gallery is so cool QvQ
Why thank you so much! Just seen your gallery and your art is pretty cool and interesting too! Hope you have an awesome day/night!
Aww ty <33
You too!!
Midoriya ~ Smile! THANKS A LOT!! Deku gif Love Bubbles Pink    
FOR WATCH AND FAVE Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
Your welcome! Really love your BNHA genderbend artwork! You really handle at tackling the official art style really well! Keep up the good work!
excuse me sorry to be rude but do you take request?
Thank you for collecting my screen tone :boing: !