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i drew him at work. he was hard to draw. i like him alot. he likes to eat.


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Oh so this is Eugene!, i was wondering who could Eugene be, since I saw it in your recent ID, I was thinking it might be your girlfriend or something since i saw the shape of a heart, but this is more fun, Eugene rocks my socks! :headbang:
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LUCKY! he eats my socks!
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eugene rocks
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all night long

sweet susy
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I like this guy. :+fav:
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i love him too!

its his birhtday soon!
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i very muchly like eugene.
he has cool teeth.
mm.. teeth..
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teeth are good for eating things like melons..and babies
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Finally, I see Eugene! *squeak* He's coming up on his first birthday... :giggle:
This character is awesome and fills me with crunchy, many-layered glee. Plus, I'm partial to the name (there's a tree in my back yard named Eugene). I may have to do Eugene fan art. ARR.

P.S. I know it's irritating as all flaming potatoes when people say this about original work, but Eugene bears a strong resemblance to something I've seen. I could no longer find the gif anywhere but here, in a Flash animation done by my brother. Sorry about the loading time. You'll know the critter when you see it. [link]
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yeah i love eugene!

wow it looks like eugene and a llama had babies! holy crap thats awesome! lol

hahah that cracked me up
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thanks alot!

watch it tho, he bites!
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i like this alot :) its bizzarly cute =D
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yeah he's a wicked good cat, i've been neglecting him lately tho...
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Omg he's so cute! :D Nice penwork. :)
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ahah thank ya kindly!

i think he mighta blushed a little when i read your comment to him :P
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haha. what a loveable creature. does he eat pumpkin pie?
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actually yes he does.

funny you melntion that, cos i always jst feed slip mine onto his plate because he lieks way more that me

if you want to give him a squeeze your more than welcome, jsut be sure he has or jsut had something to nibble :)

ps-thanks for the comment!
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:) thanks.

he likes you too, but your avatar, makes him stare blankly more that usual
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What attracted me here in the first place was yuor super-cool avatar. This is really a charming little guy! :D
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im so glad you think its super cool!

and im glad you can she his har under all that...flesh

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He he he, that is so cool! Its your avitar :D I love it. Go Eugene :boogie:
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