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(Wow, outdated already? I have a few things to correct here~ Ignore for now! :3) 

Katsumi Mitsue

Katsumi Mitsue is a minor Antagonist in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series. She is one of the main Doctors at the Irie Clinic. Despite already having a primary job at the Irie Clinic, she frequently teaches at the Local Hinamizawa School when not at work. While at the same time she leads a small Cadets group, which is known to occasionally face off in baseball games with the Hinamizawa Fighters in baseball games.


Name: Katsumi Mitsue (勝美 光江)

Age: Late 20s to early 30s

Birthday: March 31st

Weapons: Handgun (Po8 Luger), Katana

First Appearance: Tatarigoroshi


Do note that this summery does somewhat contain spoilers for the Higurashi Anime and chapter 3 of the Visual novel. I suggest you don't go past the Solider Project portion of this bio. The Trivia portion is safe however.  

Character Summary  


Katsumi has long and sharp light blue eyes, which somewhat resemble Chie-sensei in colour. Her hair is significantly more spiky than the other characters. With a large part of her hair drooping down between her eyes and one large “shark-fin” piece of hair that can be found on the left side of her head. Her uniform is a light navy blue which resembles her eye colour. Her collar is usually flanked by a green or red shoulder boards with yellow markings. A brown belt can also be found slung across her chest.

When working at the Clinic she will wear a open lab coat worn over her Uniform, the belt over her chest will be absent.

Her homewear is far more civilian with a simple white T-shirt over a green apron with a peachy yellow dress.


Katsumi is a generally kind-hearted, soft, motherly-like individual; when around those younger than her that is. When speaking to older individuals she tend to be more mature and rarely smile nor laughs. She has also shown to be rather energetic and passionate about teaching at the Hinamizawa School. And has been seen coming up with ways for the Children to learn in a more engaged and active way then the static lectures she experienced as a child. As such she tends to use a lot of her own money to fund field trips or to buy new tools and materials for the school.

Katsumi has also been seen teaching the children a modified version of the Chinese “Three rules and Eight Notices.”  Which is directed toward a more civilian point of view.

Katsumi is also known to be an excellent cook and has even faced off with Chie in curry cooking competitions.

Despite her seemingly happy demeanor, Katsumi is almost constantly stressed from the workload she puts on herself, not to mention the heavy guilt she carries from her past crimes. She refuses to discuss it in anyway which makes her easily susceptible to Hinamizawa syndrome.

Early life

Katsumi was born into a small family of four as the eldest daughter. While it is not know what her Parents work as, it is said that their jobs involve them being always away from home. Katsumi found herself from a very young age taking care of her younger sister, Miyuki. It would be these years that would heavily shape Katsumi’s persoanilty.

Katsumi’s parents divorced in early 1972, with both parents taking one child. Katsumi stayed in Hinamizawa with her Father while her Mother took Miyuki to Maizure.

Katsumi nearly went mad with grief and would constantly scream that her Mom would kill Miyuki as Katsumi saw her mother as incompetent.

Katsumi’s dad would eventually die from Alcohol poisoning in 1977 after losing his wife along Katsumi refusing to interact with him. Katsumi had believed that he didn't try hard enough to save Miuki from the “Witch.” It wouldn’t until 1982 did Katsumi feel remorse for her Father’s situation.

While finishing her medical degree in Tokyo, Katsumi was given the news that her Mother had been murdered. Taking a train to Maizuru, she rushed to her Mother’s former house only to learn that Miyuki had been sent to a Orphanage two years prior after her Mother disowned her. Katsumi would spend some 3 months trying to track down her sister but ultimately failed. Katsumi would spend two years in the Army working on a secret project known as the Soldier Project.

Soldier Project

The soldier Project was a project funded by the JSDF and the Japanese Government. Worried about a possible invasion of Japan from Communist China, Japan sought to find a way to bolster their forces to counter the massive Chinese army. The result was another Unit 731 and many subjects were killed while trying to perfect a super soldier. While at first optimistic, Katsumi eventually shut down the project after realizing how useless it was to continue such an endeavor.

It is believed that during the 3 year project, Katsumi ordered experiments that resulted in the deaths of some 20 people.


Alphabet Project

Katsumi was quickly swept up by “Nomura” after she realized what a valuable asset she could be. Nomura assigned Katsumi onto the Alphabet project after using a number of ways to manipulate Katsumi to follow her will.

Katsumi specialized in both Biology and Pharmaceuticals, meaning she would be of more value as the project ground on. Although she did hold a general physicians degree.  

Much like Irie, both were lured into the project under the belief of finding a cure and was unaware of its real use as a biological weapon. But due to Katsumi’s military background she started to question the purpose after Takano ordered them to create strains that would allow it to be weaponized. Katsumi eventually figured out the real purpose but was suppressed by Takano when she threatens the lives of Satoko and Sirus.

Katsumi and would eventually informed Irie and the two of them tried to come up with a plan to stop Takano. Which ultimately failed and resulted in the GHD.

Katsumi’s “R” Plan

After Katsumi discovered the existence of document 34 and the plan to cause the GHD. Katsumi took it upon herself to stop this from happening. Katsumi began laying the groundwork a year before the event was suppose to take place. Knowing Rika was instrumental in Takano’s plans, Katsumi sought to hide Rika in order to prevent the disaster from happening.

Katsumi secretly planned the murder of Teippi which Katsumi saw as a god send and that it would be a reasonable sacrifice. Katsumi kidnapped Rika first before murdering Teippi on the night of “Oyashiro-sama’s curse.” Rika who was also trying to solve find the pieces for her own agenda agreed to help, though she had to stay hidden until Katsumi could destabilize Takano.

Satoko was brought under the care of Katsumi and was told that Rika was still alive but she couldn’t say anything.

Katsumi then moved to her next phase and over the months started to destabilize Takano and her efforts to find Rika, with the help of Irie the almost succeeded. But just before Katsumi could enact her plan, Takano caught Katsumi creating and taking medicine that only Rika used. That’s when Takano started her own investigation using the Yamainu which successfully destroyed or blocked Katsumi’s set phases. Katsumi started panicking and slipped up more and more. Leading to Rika being found by the Yaminu.

On June 20th Takano acted her own plan, Tomitake was founded with his throat clawed out, Takano was burned and Irie was killed.

Katsumi realized that Takano was executing her plan and ran back home only to find her house ransacked and Rika missing. Satoko was founded hidden away, Rika had sacrficed herself to protect Satoko. Katsumi ran to the temple to try to rescue Rika but failed. That’s when Sirius appeared, holding axes, Katsumi believed that he had killed Rika. And instantly decided to level 5 and attacked Sirius. Upon being defeated she regained some of her sanity and told Sirus to go back for Satoko and to leave Hinamizawa.

Sirius would encounter several of the Yamainu which he held off while Satoko escaped. Sirius would escape to Oishi's police station in Okinomiya.

Katsumi would survive GHD and end up in a hospital, Satoko would also end up in the same hospital following the events in the Anime. Takano would have all three Killed.   

Role in the Clinic

On the Surface, Katsumi would perform Iries duties when he was down in the Lab with Takano working on the “Cure.” As Katsumi was able to perform all the roles, she could easily hold down the fort which allowed the Irie and Takano to progress faster in their research.

When not playing the face of the Irie Clinic, she will either be assisting in research or creating the necessary drugs to further the research.


  • Like Takano, Katsumi also wears a uniform, though Katsumi is almost never seen not wearing hers. Strangely, Katsumi’s unifrom is light navy blue while Takano’s is black. Her collar and shoulder boards are generally the same as Takano’s: light Green. Though her these markings will change from Green to

  • Red depending on her allegiance to Takano.

  • Her uniform is not based on any military uniform from any of the worlds Armies, but are a combination of Soviet and German styles.

  • She is known to break the fourth wall often as she tends to drop references to other animes or current (at the time) events.

  • She has an great love for quality tea. And will seek out the best she can find. At one time paying ¥6000 for a small box of tea from England. She tends to prefer strong tea, though she hates coffee.  

  • Katsumi will sometimes carry her Katana or her Po8 Luger on her person. It is interesting to note that she wears her Katana on her right side, making it almost impossible to draw the Katana with her right hand. It is later explained that she is ambidextrous and that she preferred to have her pistol on the left side as it was more common for her to use that then her Katana. She adopted this skill while in the Army.

  • Her kill murder count is a mystery but is most likely rather high.  

  • In the popular online web game “NationStates” she is the dictator of a nation bearing the name Soviet Krussia. A few of her cabinet ministers are characters of the Higurashi series. Her personality seems to have remained more or less the same.  

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Did you write this all?
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Yup, the product of over a years worth of planning and rewrites~ After all this is all for a Fan game I'm making. :3 
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Wow that's incredible, even the names and all in japanese. I didn't know you were this far
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Nahah, well the location is set in a certain village that I happen to also own a house in~ Ever heard of Shirakawa in Gifu Prefecture? Hinamizawa is heavily based off there. I also highly recommend you check out the Anime: Higurashi When They Cry or read the Visual Novel which was derived from it. 

Also I kinda hope I didn't mess up grammar and such since I had my friend in Japan check this over for me and the original was all in Japanese. 
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Wow that's pretty awesome. Owning a house there, that's pretty cool. Didin't know this was originally from something
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Wow that's pretty incredible even the name and locations all japanese
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