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Once Upon A Time In Ur


Once Upon A Time In Ur

September 22nd, 2193 BC 5:29 am Lugalansheigibar rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he sat upon his observation stool at the top of his tower. It was a difficult climb at best, even more so after only a few hours of sleep, but he was expecting the emissary to appear. If his calculations were correct the emissary of Ehnil should be visible just above the horizon. Gazing at the western horizon he wasn't disappointed, the emissary was just where he calculated it would be, its four wispy tails trailing behind it as it came. Looking over his shoulder he could see that dawn was approaching, using his wooden stylus he inscribed the emissary's positi




October 31, 1919 10:40 pm. John Talbot staggered along the edge of the dirt road in the darkness, a throbbing hell of pain coming from his head, his chest wheezing with every breath he struggled to inhale. The fog of his breath in the cold damp air belied his inability to feel anything other than the pain. He had been wearing a heavy coat before... it doesn't matter now, he told himself, he didn't need it. Stopping for a brief moment as nausea and pain blurred his vision. He had to continue to the house he knew was just ahead, up the small turn out he could see if only his vision would clear up just a little. There it was, right there, no




The buck hesitantly stepped out from the edge of the woods into the open clearing, stopping short of the twin tracks that ran the length of this open space. Looking to his left he spied two very tall structures some distance away on either side of these strange tracks. The buck studied the structures while odd thoughts went through his mind, as if in some way he should know what they were. Instinctively the buck knew the area surrounding them was safe and that is where he must go. Bending down the buck sniffed at the gravel that made up both tracks, snorting at the dust his breathing had caused. As he began walking across the gravel his hoove

Desolate Minds


Desolate Minds

Taldon opened his eyes. All about him lay the desolation, that dark landscape of another place, another world, another mind. Getting up he slowly began walking towards the canyon opening just up ahead. Choosing this direction more from a feeling than any clear idea of where he was going. In truth there was no direction, no canyons just up ahead and no stars above him. They were constructs created by the patients' mind as they suffered from the desolation. A contorted mixture of their memories and the feelings of absolute despair caused by the disease. The body he wore was not real, just a creation of his own consciousness, a vehicle with whi

End of Life


End of Life

They lived in a world of the electronic age. Every job directed towards logical ends, the receiving and dissemination of information, telecommunications and the pursuit of games. Every citizen had a purpose, everyone had a job to do and no one complained because they lived to serve the whole world. Tirelessly they toiled away never begrudging one another their place in a society that moved in a perfect concert of movement and flow. Not a single citizen ever gave a thought to the concept that their world could end even when it came they continued their tasks to the very last moment. The end did come as with any world there is always an endin




Leaving the comm station Beatrice slowly walked over to her younger sister Gwen in the pilots sleep bay. Pulling off her hood she fought back the tears, carefully forming the words in her mind and working through the colossal task that their journey had now become. "They're not coming" her voice breaking, "they never made it to launch before the quake hit, there wasn't enough time." "But they have the backup shuttle they can still transfer everyone and get here in time!" Gwen cried out in a rush of shocked disbelief. "NO! The backup is gone too IT'S ALL GONE! Everything, the whole facility is in rubble! That message came from air reconnais

In Plain Site


In Plain Site

No one ever noticed them arrive just one day they were here. They were the perfect camouflage and blended right in with the foliage they hid amongst. Passersby would glance at thier clustered grouping wondering what strange looking plants they were. Were they a succulent, a flowering plant or some strange cactus but the cactus knew better and watched these new invaders in silence waiting to see what these three horned one eyed creatures would do. One hundred years later. Having built up sufficient numbers to carry out their plan the invaders struck and struck quickly. From the aisles of plant shops from coffee tables and window sills throug




Arzim, Grand Garspod of The Hive Queen's Expeditionary Force looked around the central meeting room at the recent returnees from the planet. "Report! What have you found about the creatures you met with?" he demanded. Roothna as 2nd Leatharm spoke for the group, "They are a soft bipedal species calling themselves earthlings presumably after the planet itself which they call Earth..." Arzim interrupted with a wave, "Yes, yes, but what is their technological level? Are they peaceful, aggressive, something we have yet to encounter? Have they, will they achieve interstellar flight? These are the things we must know!" Roothna continued, "Techno

The Essence of it all


The Essence of it all

It was cold and damp in the dark alley causing my body to shiver despite my overcoat. It was past 10:30 pm, the time arranged by that quirky little old man who claimed to have something, an object, the answer to my little writing problem. I was just in the act of turning to leave when out of the thin cold dark air stood the old man. He chuckled softly when he saw my startled look, he took two steps back while holding his hands up in front of his body to calm me down. He reached into a pocket of his filthy jacket and pulled out an old meerschaum pipe and battered box of matches, preceding to slowly pack and light it. After several attempts t

A Turning Point


A Turning Point

TPP RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT REPORT 26, April 2032 Board Members, This report covers the findings from our latest capture event and the results as we are able to derive from it at this time. Some resulting effects are as of yet unknown as the outcomes of the event affect each person differently in the timing of their personal change. At 08:57:23, April 22, 2032 chamber telemetry indicated that a TPP had been successfully captured and held in place. This capture was held for 22.7 seconds and looked to be stable but again was cut short by a technician de-powering the chamber grid. The technician is still being questioned as to why they chos

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My Bio

Current Residence: Galactic Rim (Spiral Arm I'm Told)

Favourite genre of music: Pretty much everything

Eternally Favorite Songs:
Seven Bridges Road by Ian Matthews
Electric by The Inner Banks
Theme song for Red Dwarf!
Scarborough Fair by Masters of Chant/Gregorian Monks
Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
Caribbean Blue by Enya
Dream Catcher by Cusco
Hold On by Sarah McLaughlin
Aqua Marine by Santana
Sleep Walk by Joe Satriani
Scoundrel by Al Dimiola
Carry On (Theme of Korean Drama The Great Doctor) by Ali
Night Fire Dance and The Secret, the Candle and Love by Andreas Vollenweider
All Souls Night by Loreena McKennitt
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
Entire Dark Side of the Moon Album by Pink Floyd
Feel Like We Do (Live) by Peter Frampton
Strangers by ELO
Phasors on Stun by FM
Something Better by Chilliwack
Sausalito Summer Nights by Diesel

Up and Coming Eternal Favorites:
Return of the Eagle by Craig Chaquico
Dance of the Manatee and Musical Chairs by Fair to Midland
Darkest Part by Red
Feed the Machine by Red
Wicked Game by Theory of a Deadman
Make Me Real by She
Stories of the Painted Desert by Russ Freeman & The Rippingtons
Trick (Typical) by Girls Generation
Lish Ty I Ya by Laurita (Only You and I)

MP3 player of choice: Cellphone

Favourite cartoon characters: Gir from Invader Zim, Yacko, Wacko & Dot, Space Ghost and best of all the Maxx

Favorite Anime Series: Full Metal Panic, Ghost in the Shell, TriGun (Vash the Stampede), Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Freezing, Full Metal Alchemist, Blood, Eureka, Noragami, Kill la Kill, Code Geass...

Favorite US TV Series: Firefly, and the movie Serenity.

Korean Drama Series & Movies: The Great Doctor, Arang and the Magistrate, Dr. Jin, Gu Family Book, The Moon Embracing the Sun, Rooftop Prince, City Hunter...

Russian Movies: August 8th, Black Lightening, The Darkest Hour, Day Watch & Night Watch...

Personal Quote:
"Of course I'm not a mountain goat! They can't jump from rock to rock with a camera in their hands, no opposable thumbs!"

Favourite Visual Artist
Maxfield Parrish
Favourite Movies
Serenity, Monty Pythons Holy Grail
Favourite TV Shows
Anime - SOA, Full Metal Panic, Korean TV - The Great Doctor mini series
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Neal Schon, Al DiMeola, Puddle of Mudd, Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown
Favourite Books
Scifi and Philosophy, John Steakley's Armor, Michael R. Hicks In Her Name Series
Favourite Writers
Larry Niven, Johnathan Stapley, Epictetus, Marcus Arelieos and many more
Favourite Games
Steel Panthers
Tools of the Trade
Nikon D60, Canon SX130 and my cell phone
Other Interests
Alot, seriously alot
Okay... I am really getting tired of locked or frozen screens due to "a long running script". Three so far in the past half hour while just trying to move around in my gallery and the profile of someone I watch. Tired of clicking on a simple edit b
First impression of Eclipse... Think of dA as an electronic version of an art gallery building and our art that we post was the galleries inside that building. The old version was a simple, recognizable brown stone building on the west end of any c

Eclipse Rears it's ugly head...

Eclipse Rears it's ugly head...

There is a petition going on right now to stop the implementation of Eclipse. Don't know if it will make any difference to WIX but at least they'll know how many of us do not want this half complete abomination. Sign the petition here:

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Thanks again my friend :)

Thanks for the fave buddy, hope to get some more time in here to look/read your latest work :)
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Thank you very much and I hope I am as talented as you say I am. :hug:
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