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Arcuza | DotW | Deceased

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 General Information  

Name: Arcuza
Pronunciation : [R-coo-z-uh]
Nicknames: Arc, Painted Lady
Age:  Adult
Gender: Female

 Domestic Information  

Mother: Vyoriole
Father: Poe (Deceased)
Siblings: Swiv (Deceased), Voche 
Mate: Mechka
Children: ViragoRajberaViola, (Daughters) Anakoni (Son)
Territory:  Chandor
Rank: Kumma (Gamma)
Task: Bear Totem
Birth Territory: Rinth


Speed :  ⚫⚫⚫◯◯
Agility :  ⚫⚫◯◯◯
Strength :  ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫
Endurance:  ⚫⚫⚫◯◯
Stealth:  ⚫◯◯◯◯

Height :  31" 
Weight: 90 lb
Voice: Lily Rabe  ex 2 ex 3
Scent: Eucalyptus, apple blossoms
Aura: Confident, Neutral, a soft green apple color
Pelt  Colors: Cream with painted markings
Eye Color: Apple Green
Structure: Beefy, with a minor tuck-up. Oversized canine teeth and a small muzzle.
Medium curved ears with a bushy tail. Soft straight dense fur.
Items: Luna moth wings
Blemishes: Scars on her face and legs. 


[DotW] Arcuza blinkie by Zoketi 

[The Warrior / The Lover]

Social :  ⚫◯◯◯◯

Control :  ⚫⚫⚫◯◯

Affection : ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

Intelligence :  ⚫⚫⚫◯◯

Courage :  ⚫⚫⚫⚫◯

Spirituality :  ◯◯◯◯◯

Violence :  ⚫⚫⚫⚫◯

            Arcuza is a good wolf who wants to see others thrive and observe quietly in a peaceful state. As for herself, she wants to be in control. She wants to be in charge of what she does, how she does it, and not let others around her affect her negatively. She doesn't need anyone to lean on, she has too much pride for that. Growing up with abuse taught her it's better to not show her weaknesses, to comply with others. But her time as a loner taught her to thrive on her own, how to have control of her life again, and how to be full of power. She still craves that power. But is more content to be herself and relax. As a bear totem of Chandor, she is proud to be a protector and have an outlet for her undealt with thoughts.

 Status: She has begun to grey due to stress. The colors fade further off her muzzle and certain parts of her coat begin to grey. 
She is extremely unhappy with Chandor yet has managed to pick up her job again. She's recently been more stand-offish and grating in her interactions. But she seems to be on the mend from her previous state. The hive wars have put a new kind of stress on her as she no longer has the freedom she so desires.

Positive traits

Dedicated: Whatever task at hand, she has the sense to accomplish it and do it well. Nothing is done half-assed. Her heart is strong and her focus on her task, pack, and family is very important. She's determined
Responsible: As a protector and as a mother, Arcuza is very responsible and usually upholds her words. She takes care of her responsibilities and makes sure that others take care of themselves. She notices if others are doing unwell. You can rely on her to be there when you need her.

Neutral Traits

Independent: She's never had an issue taking care of herself and living on her own. She doesn't rely on others to coddle her and certainly doesn't usually accept it. She hates being told what to do and you might find it difficult to get her under your thumb. She's never been grand with authority.
Brazen: Arcuza is not afraid to speak her mind, nor is she skittish to put herself on the front line. She is unafraid of confrontation. With boldness and confidence, she is an imposing force. 

Negative traits 

Stubborn: Arcuza gets stuck in her ways and is unwilling to budge. Defeat is not an option and trying to get her to see things another way is preposterous. She will struggle to accept the criticism of others and aid when she may need it. She often feels misunderstood and suffers from insecurity deep down that she's still an outcast.

Private: Many only know Arcuza at surface-level and the front that she constantly upholds. She holds her larger emotions and personal thoughts deep inside. It's no one's business to know her life story. She simply wouldn't ever share. A bit callous and withdrawn, it's hard to make deep connections with others. They may suddenly realize they know nothing about her. Emotion is a very private affair for Arcuza and she won't let others see her tear up.

Hostile: The most dangerous flaw of Arcuza's and the thing she hates most about herself, is her viciousness. She's quick and ready to fight anyone who openly 'asks', ready to bite anyone back with words or teeth. Her past left deep scars and now Arcuza will do anything to try and put others in their place. But it's important to know, this is her last resort which she fights back constantly

personality will change as she experiences new things

Likes:  poetry, dancing, family, keeping busy.
Dislikes: strangers surprises, Damascans, failure
Strengths: great fighter, strong, good with words
Weaknesses: weak swimmer, weak hocks, small size, Unstable hind end

  Romantic Details   

Collab by Phelza 

Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Married

Relationship History  
Galerius | Betrothed | NPC
Deerly  | Lovers| NPC
Mechka | Mates

Attractions : dark coats, fluff, kindness, tall stature


                Arcuza was born in a large pack that was domineering. Her mother, Vyoriole was an heiress to the throne and her Father, Poe was from a neighboring pack. They were married for political reasons, but certainly, they loved each other. She had two siblings, Voche and Swiv, Practically the day she was born, she was engaged to another child by the name of Galerius. Her life was planned out for her despite her heritage, She was to marry Galerius, bear his children, and die. 

                Her only salvation was her father and sister. Her father gave her purpose and her sister offered understanding. But they would be lost to sickness before she even became a juvenile. As Arcuza grew a bit older, and she'd escape the territory for peace and solitude. It was her place to cry. She met a loner named Deerly and fell in love quickly. But her secret would be found out by Galerius. On one of those days that Arcuza went to see her secret lover and returned she was attacked by Galerius and his friend. He took her down to the river and laid furious fangs upon her flesh. And to silence her, they attempted to drown her in the river. But she survived. And would return to her fiance. The state of the pack was dire, and Arcuza's life was at stake. Vyoriole had to do something and had been planning to do something since the day her children were born. She started a rebellion. Arcuza was able to escape in the chaos and with the guided help of her mother. She left behind her abusers and her family. She fled to Deerly

                Living with Deerly, she learned how to hunt and what freedom felt like. Deerly however, wasn't all that she seemed, she wanted to steal children, this was partly the reason she befriended Arcuza. Deerly convinced Arc to steal puppies with her. They had the children for two weeks, Arcuza was in deeply in love with the idea of having saved them and raising them. During a flash flood, the two were found by the parents. They were cornered on a ledge and attacked, Arcuza in the heat of battle threw the mother off the cliff and into the waters below. Taking advantage of the father's shock, Deerly and Arcuza gathered the puppies and went to leave. But in the father's blind rage he sent Arcuza and his child down the cliff. Swept far away by the flood, Arcuza woke up with a drowned child in her mouth. She quickly was pulled into reality at the realization of what she had done. She left behind the events and decided to forget about Deerly. Just like she had done with her family.

                She wasn't on her own for long when a group of dark strangers discovered her. They took her under their wings. Under the rule of Abaddon, Arcuza became the Painted Lady. She climbed the band's ranks quickly with her temper and her need for guidance in a miserable world. The Painted Lady is a seldom heard name, but those who do know it know it out of fear. Arcuza craved power and control above all else. Arcuza took the lives of many, took trophies, and made her mark on plenty of escapees. She found it cathartic for all of her pain and suffering. There was one wolf that Arcuza met who sparked a thought. She decided that she wouldn't wait for a sign from the universe or for someone to drive her out of her home. She left in the middle of the night and the era of Painted lady came to an end.

                As a loner, she found enlightenment and made a vow to herself that for all the evil she put into the world, she would put the same amount of good. 
She spent two seasons on her own until she wandered into the domain and discovered a home in Chandor.

  Other Details   

  • For her size, she is surprisingly strong
  • Usually pretty decent with words
  • Arcuza is uncomfortable around children
  • Arcuza is a poor swimmer. 50/50 Chance of drowning.
  • Generally a poor hunter, but she can manage boars and rabbits.
  • Loves dancing, but only knows her homeland's dance.
  • Favorite totems: Bear and Owl
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