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Yog Monster From Space

This is from a series of templates I'm doing based on beat up old VHS cover designs from companies like Vestron, Cannon, Wizard, Media, VTC, etc.

I used a very banged up cover for a movie called Truck Stop Women that I found online and worked it into a Yog Monster From Space (or Space Amoeba, if you prefer) cover. I'm pretty sure Vestron never released this back when they were around and the whole Toho/AIP thing on the front is probably inaccurate. I chose this simply because I loved the poster and thought it'd be cool to use on this template.

I've got to dirty up the text a bit, and I kinda hate the big Y on the back, but I'll finish it up later on.
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Very nice! I like the Vestron tapes so this is nice!