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Dr. Phibes Double Feature

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I made this using a template I made for UK company Arrow's horror line. Here's their site if you're not familiar: [link]

There is no info on the cover about either movie because Arrow uses 2 or 4 pieces of art on the cover - left, right, front and back, then put a slipcover over that with the information on the back.

If you're curious, I scanned my cover for City of the Living Dead for this template.

I'm thinking about making it say "The Complete Dr. Phibes" even though there are only 2 movies. Putting both titles on the spine makes it too busy, but by just having it read "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" makes it seem like just one movie. As you can see, I've left some poster folds. Not intentional, I'm still working on it a bit and I'll get those out eventually.
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Brilliant work, sir. You're a true master.