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:evillaugh: It's the 69 pair! I'd luv to make an army of shinigami... Maybe next year, if I get a space in the artist alley. :love:

I don't really understand the relationship between these characters. Shuhei obviously admires Kensei... but it's still pretty mysterious at the moment, since the plot isn't bloody progressing! When I saw the tat on Kensei for the first time, I was like "omg, he's an arrancar!". *is stupid* :XD:

These dudes were pretty standard to make...I'm currently working on a much more challenging project, so I thought I'd get these guys outta the way. ;)

Commissioned by :icongogo-sama:

Thanks for looking. :heart: :hug:
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Shuuhei Hisagi plushie!

My life is complete.
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wow, i love hisagi!

it must cost you a fortune to make all of these characters ^^;
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OMG I love them! 8D
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i want that kensei dall!!!!!!!!!! >_< so jelous lol
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(screaming)I love it!! IT's awesome awesome awesome!!! Thank you!
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Faving cuz A) awesomely made and B) I'm a huge Vizard/Visored fan...those chaps. amde me happy... :3
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I squee'd when they revealed these guy's relationship in the manga - I always wondered why Shuuhei had that tat, and he's so adorable as a kid >w<

They look wonderful :thumbsup:
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But now the mystery lies: why does kensei have that tat! lol
He was such a lil geek as a kid. ;p
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i see 1 defalt but its ok. most people didnt know about it till the newer chapters. Hisagi has that black thing on both arms not just his right ^^; just pointing that out. Besides that AWESOME JOB
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I just follow whatever references my commissioner gives me! ^^; In one of the pics, he had a white armband on his left arm, but in the others, there was nothing so I just left it blank. :XD:
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ya lol cause every1 who made the fan pics never knew he had on it lol. the creaor just recently showed that they are on both arms lol.
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So I don't know who these guys are, so the first thing I think when I see you title is that part in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure : "Sixty-nine dude!!!" :giggle:

Even though I haven't the foggiest who they are, they really look great! I love their shoes and continue to be impressed with how clean and well you make hair on your plushies! They are both all-around amazing! :D

BTW How's the new job shaping up?
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Eek, how far of Bleach did you read? Kensei is kindda minor...but you must have seen Shuhei (he's one of the vice-captains)...but he's also pretty minor. Bleach has too many characters!

oh.. the job is SO tiring. School is starting up soon, and we've still got loads to prepare, so I'm sorta freaking out. But it'll work out in the end... :XD:
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My library has 1-19 but I haven't read all of them and I definitely didn't read them in order, so things get kinda confusing. I know who the main charcters are and that's about it... ^^;

don't stress to much and best of luck to you, I know it will go great!! :D
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lol. That library of yours is so crazy. :XD: I just read it all online... and really fast at that matter. When Shelagh asked/joked for a removable eye on her Ulquiorra plush, I totally forgot that he took his eye out! So yeah, I'm pretty confused myself. ;)
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I like Shuuhei. I like how you did the tattoos on him.
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I am a HUGGGEE Hisagi fangirl!!
T'is sooooooo adorable!!!
I wish I had one*goes onto eBay
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woah, fabulous! Very nice work as always!
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I'd kill to have those plushies!
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OMFG, Phe!! They are so amazing!! CANNOT WAIT until they are here to hang with Renji! Took some pictures of him today with two Byas and some of gogo's Dante toys. OH he's having such a good time hanging out.

But also...SQUEEEEEE OVER THESE TWO!! gogo has been away from the computer (and owes you an email!) for a few days. Definitely need to be checking this DA account more often. OMG. AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM BOTH. Can't wait for gogo's creative partner to see them, too, since she writes Kensei and gogo writes Shuu. Oooooh, Phe~

You're so brilliant!
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LOL. I'm glad you luv them! :D

Well... grimmy should get you excited as well. I indeed received your email. I'm still pondering, so I can't reply right away. ^^;
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Eeeeeee!! Hisagi!!! <333333
This is so awesome x3
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cuuuuute XD you're so talented
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Your plush faces always amaze me. :heart:
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