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V.I.N.D.E.X Special Project STOCK

Dear community,

we are currently working on a movie project (with a professional film studio) and want YOU to be part of it...
This H.U.-Unit`s head needs a paintjob and as we know there are many talented photoshoppers out here, you can help us create a design for this one. Every artist involved in creating this design (whether we choose and realize it or not) will be named in the movie`s credits.
We hope you will have as much fun as we have with this project. :)

For the movie it needs to be a clean military style. Practical and realistic.
(But you can of course be creative as hell and just try different things :D Every idea will have influence on the creative process.)

(If you want to, you can also change the background. :D )

Inspiration... This is what we are aiming for:
Breach. by duster132
2014.12.30 The new human by S-Lpis
Assault on the first ziggurat. by duster132
NEO JAPAN 2202 - PHANTOMS by johnsonting

This is a non-profit action. Completely funded by ourselves. We just want to bring those pictures to reality.
It`s about fun and passion... and the love for Science Fiction and movies.

Project Updates will be posted on facebook:…
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Reminds me of the Helmet the Arkham Knight is using.
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Hi, I used your stock here: for a photomanipulation.
I hope you don't mind that it was used for something other than your project!
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cool. may I be allowed to modify that design?
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yes is your stock after all :) (Smile) 
ashuriiART's avatar
Really cool edit! It has so much more of a gritty atmosphere Smile :D 
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Oh no, its the Arkham Knight Army!!! RUUUUUUUN!!!!!
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Hi there! Used this nice images for my manip Special Forces ... Thanks much for sharing! :yoda:
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what about adding some writings on the sides, just a tiny bit of info like serial numbers or caution hazards. to give the helmet a "government issue" feel to it. 

and maybe some battle scars! scratches and dents here and there to show the helmet is weathered down, and has been used in battle for a long time. also to let the audience has a slight idea what the character has been through. plus it'll also be easier to recognize each character, they may have the same helmet design but has different scars on them. (newbie has clean helmet, old timer has scars all over it). 

just some idea. 
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cool design!
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Came up with some ideas… some are... better than others and some are more fantastical/cartoony than military too. But I hope that at least a few are somewhat inspiring :)

If some things don't look clear or something just ask, I know I tend go really dark and small details. I might come up with some more later.
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This is very very helpful. Thanks a lot. Suave Gentleman
May you send me your real name for the credits?
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I'll send you a note.
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Is there a time limit/deadline for this?
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When painting begins, this project will be closed.

Painting begins when we have decided to take a concept and realize it.

So it depends on how this works out here... a few days or a few weeks from now.
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thats awesome :D
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 Ur Quite Welcome *Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!) 
TyphonArt's avatar… You could go for something like this :v To use existing shapes of the helmet to introduce more dynamic details, while hiding the important joints for the face part. Also the scratched parts on the top could also be numbers, signs, or the part of a linear design. Aaaand it kinda looks like it's mass produced, yet it still has some sort of a personalized thingie :P Of course the line weight and the amount of them should be more designed to use existing proportion, just an idea. And the strip on the chin part kinda adds more human character to the helmet :P
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