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Olesia Anderson DSP

Access to exclusive Stock content:
1.) Send a fee of 20,- € via PayPal to
2.) Add your e-Mail adress to the payment and name the specific package(s) you want.
3.) You will receive access to the full package asap. (Usually within 24hrs)
4.) You will also receive an official bill to your e-Mail adress.

DavionArt Stock Packs (DSP) are packed .rar-files with content from DavionArt photo sessions.
A DSP usually contains 50 to 500 DavionArt Stock Images (DSI) which show different poses and actions of a character in a specific setting.

DavionArt photography focusses on A-Level quality in terms of acting and equipment. 
The models are professionals and the "costumes" are mostly "real stuff" to guarantee the highest possibile level of authencity, structure and details.

DavionArt has specific knowledge & expertise in terms of military and historical accuracy - that`s why most of the content deals with those themes.

The price per DSP download is 20,- €
The price for a commercial license per DSI is 35,- €

In other words: All the images in a DSP can be used for non-commercial actions such as training practice, hobby photobashing etc.
If you want to use any of the DSI in a commercial way (book covers, game character design etc.) the commercial license is 35,- € per image.

Thank you for working with our content. 
We are happy to help you and we love what we do. :-)
We hope to grow and improve our service - so every single € is much appreciated.


This specific photo session was produced for D.D. Marks who gave his friendly permission for these photos to be used by other artists for other projects as well.

Olesia Anderson - STOCK II by PhelanDavion  Olesia Anderson - STOCK XIII by PhelanDavion  Survival Situation STOCK II by PhelanDavion  Kalaschnikowa Kayla STOCK I by PhelanDavion  Olesia Anderson - STOCK IX by PhelanDavion  Olesia Anderson - STOCK III by PhelanDavion
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Female S.T.A.L.K.E.R. = yes.
PhelanDavion's avatar
oh yes... there is something incoming in the next few days! ;) 
jinxes0curses's avatar
wanna see u as Nova/Starcraft
PhelanDavion's avatar
this is pretty close...

Inspiring STOCK Example LIX by PhelanDavion
MoonmansArtworks's avatar
Soldier, Assassin, and Mercenary? Very cool!
PhelanDavion's avatar
...and more... well... she is a special agent... #1 
sabson's avatar
Where the hell did
you get an AK M?
PhelanDavion's avatar
...the internet... Sweating a little... 
sabson's avatar
Seems legit.
The real one 
or just imitation?
PhelanDavion's avatar
It is an Airsoft BB gun. Even a cheap one... 99% plastics.... but it looks fabulous on photos. :D
sabson's avatar
Its kalashnikov
Of course it does 
PhelanDavion's avatar
Sweating a little...`re a fan, right?! :D 
sabson's avatar
To the point
of knowing almost 
all its derivatives
and able do discern the base
models (Akm/47/74)
Just by looking at their barrels 
PhelanDavion's avatar
Okay. There will a lot of AK stuff be incoming soon. Suave Gentleman 
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I remembered Aya Brea!
PhelanDavion's avatar
We did not know her when we made that shooting. But yes. Same style.

Hola, i love/like/fascinates/as characters/people of women of white skin/brunette/dark, dark medium (and other types of skin shades) and clear your legs, hip, your physique, your hair, your eyes, your lips, your clothes, your breasts, postures Very sexy/daring and clear to know who it really is, plus I like the characters/people gay/lesbian, bisexual, transgender to know/as and make friends or something else.

Well I like all its content, because you have a good eye/gift/skill in creating/performing in the characters of women, because you give something different/special and therefore is an excellent job.

PhelanDavion's avatar
Suave Gentleman Thank you very much.

Tell me... are you talking the same way you are writing? Sweating a little... 
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if the comment section were more active it would have 2 kind of people:
1: man, that chick is HOT!
2: man, that AK and that AR are HOT!
PhelanDavion's avatar
...just wait a little longer... Giggle 
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