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Knight STOCK I

If you like what you see, we would really like to get some likes on facebook. ^^

V.I.N.D.E.X @ Facebook:…

Please respect my Stock Rules & have fun. :-)

The model is: Phelan A. Davion / studio: Opendimension
Tailor of the dress: Rheingold-Saga from Germany

It`s great joy for me to see you working with it. 
Feel free to leave a comment if you like. ;-)
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Hey i used here:  Time to Change by Sonala
Hello, love your work! <3 I would love to use some of your images to design book covers for fantasy and romance novels. Is that an acceptable use of your stock images? Please let me know when you have a chance, thank you! :)

- Victoria
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Hello. Of course. That`s what they are made for. :nod: 
But please respect my Stock Rules @ PhelanDavion 
Epic, thank you for your reply. Could you give me a ballpark figure for what it costs to license each image for use on a book cover? These would be historic, fantasy, and/or romance covers that typically sell 500 - 10,000 copies or less. Nothing grotesque, defamatory, erotic, or otherwise offensive. Thanks again!
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Yes, my standard fee is 35,- € per used stock image.
Awesome, thanks for the info. I've got one last question, so I will send you a private note. :)
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Hi! I used your awesome stock here. Great work, love this picture!

The-Dark-Knight by MdB-Designs
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Your work is amazing! I really admire it.
I was wondering if I could use this image in the future for a blog banner or if that would be problematic (because it'd be out of DeviantArt). I am hosting a blog about medieval art history and thus need beautiful, high resolution images to illustrate some articles. I was hoping I could work with pictures such as this one, use a background image I already have (a Gothic castle maybe? ^^ ) and make a pretty photo-manipulation. But would that be okay with you?
If yes, I will be sure to send you a message when the article and final picture are ready so that you may approve its use or let me know not to use it.
Thank you!

PS: I don't make money off the blog or anything, I'm just an art history student sharing her passion ^^
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Thank you very much - for your kind words and for asking.

This is a noble cause I will of course support. :nod:

Always follow your passion. :heart:

Good luck & have fun. :)
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Used this stock image here: and I also mention you in the video description

Thanks a lot
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Used your stock here as a ref. Very very helpful. THANK YOU…
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Hello, used your stock here! Thank you!…
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Hey :) Thank you so much to giving us this wonderful stock :) I hope you like it!
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I used this awesome stock as ref here: Bringing the Storm
Thank you!
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Thanks for sharing. I used your stock as reference for this.
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I used your stock herehere and here. 
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Awesome stock photos, great poses! :)
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Amazing stock, used it as a ref here: nightmareofreality.deviantart.…
Danke! :lol:
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Hey! Thanks for sharing this stock! I used it as reference for a painting here:
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Hi! I used  youre stock here: link
Thank U!
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Hello ! I used your stock here : Knight Snow Low by Sho-kun

thanks for the nice stock ! :)
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Used the photo on the right as reference HERE. Thanks! :D
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