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HK416 - Heckler+Koch Rifle STOCK

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5184x3456px 12.18 MB
Canon EOS 600D
Shutter Speed
1/32 second
Focal Length
24 mm
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Date Taken
Jan 21, 2015, 12:12:29 PM
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I’d use that in GGO.

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Simply put... one heck of a bad ass rifle...! but no zombie apocalypse to speak of. Dammit.
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great work really awesome!
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Probably one of the sexier pictures/images on this site.
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Used here ---->…
I used also the walkie talkie of this character ---->…

Thanks a lot for sharing!
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Would pick the lower one for more versatility during zombie apocalypse. Grenade launcher would weight you down, and kinda useless since you would need to be as quiet as you can. :) 
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The top one would be my weapon in war, civil conflict, emergencies, and/or zombie apocalypse.
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but it is pretty heavy with that grenade louncher... and you will need extra grenades which are a.) pretty heavy too and b.) hard to get. I think for those situations the lower one is a better choice - even for cqb and sharpshooting.
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Meh, 10-12 pounds ain't that bad. 
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They get heavy quick. Try carrying one around for a year.

The newer designed H&K m320 is a thing of beauty. Still can be heavy, but also removable and used by itself.
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Awesome Guns,Who made them?
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so the top rifle is a assault rifle and the bottom rifle is like DMR/battle Rifle
PhelanDavion's avatar
a DMR would have a scope... 
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A DMR would have a caliber superior to 5.56, usually.....but it's a DMR if it's modified for use by Designated Marksmen (hence the name).
grim-puppet-demon's avatar
so it's a battlerifle
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It's a 416, so it's a ...dare I use the word "assault rifle", A 417 is a battle rifle
the last 3 great battle rifles of the 20th century, the M14, the FN FAL and the HK  G3.
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a DMR would have any scope...
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I would love to have both of those guns. :)
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