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German Army Sci Fi Concept - Bundeswehr Movie

Model  Phelan Davion
Hey ho,

this is just a selfie I took on a film set in 2019. Here we were playing a Recon Team of the german Bundeswehr on a Mission in Mali, Africa.
The helmets do not realy exist. It was a unique film prop for this production and an important part of the plot. (We are having deadly serious trouble with the new high tech gear in this movie).

Just want to share it because of the good vibes. Acting for this production was really great fun.

Have a nice weekend - and stay healthy - and alive!
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You can see the full movie here (German/may need VPN ) :…
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WOW!! Impressive! Great selfie and this movie sounds very interesting - and the fact you have had a hoot doing this, means the movie is gonna be good!!

Stay safe sir - and thanks for sharing :)
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It's similar to the Face Shield covers that are able to be attached to FAST Helmets but if you squint your eyes you might see a ODST from Halo

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That’s an interesting concept helmet.
It looks a bit floppy. Especially around the face. But if it was too flush fitting no one would see you and your buddies great looking mugs!!

Of course its a movie prop but in reality a tighter fitting version would be possible and practical. Offering more facial protection from flying debris and such
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Yes.... it looks military styled and somehow futuristic.... but I would never use a design like this in the field. Way too big and you can not really aim with your rifle as the face protection is blocking the shoulder.

But in the movie the visor is connected to you rifle optics... and it has thermal sight, night vision aaaand a digital zoom. As long as it works it would be a nice toy.... but not in this form. I would just call it a very very early concept without practical testing.

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I figured it had an optic connection to the weapon. Be the only way to aim not being able to get the cheek weld.

A working version would have to be form fitted reducing the gap at the cheeks.

Will have to keep an eye out for this movie.

Good luck and stay safe!
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