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Combat Soldier STOCK IV

Important Note: Updated Stock Rules @ PhelanDavion 

V.I.N.D.E.X Combat Soldier STOCK series no. 1


The photographer is KaylaDavion 
The model is PhelanDavion 

You can find more of our works @…

...and @ FACEBOOK:…

We can provide any reference pose you may need on commission to keep this running.

Combat Soldier STOCK I by PhelanDavion Combat Soldier STOCK II by PhelanDavion Combat Soldier STOCK IV by PhelanDavion
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Good job. I hope your friend's son liked the picture! I would like to buy shoes like the cool ones you drew for my son. His shoes tear very quickly, and it doesn't matter how expensive they are; $ 120 shoes tear just like $15 sneakers. It's funny because boys grow up so fast. When playing with their peers, they are not as careful as girls and quickly tear and get their clothes and shoes dirty. I learned everything about tactical boots and was thinking of getting him such shoes; according to the reviews, they are durable. What does your child wear?

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Hello there! I used your stock here -  The Stand by GogoZh
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hello again! Used your stock here.
thank you for sharing.
ZenAkita's avatar…

Just wanted to share a quick fun shot I did for my GF son.   it was to test a concept and my new strobe.     Its very cool
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Awesome poses! Just love your work!
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Do i have permission to use one of your reference poses for something? :3
PhelanDavion's avatar
sure. just respect my stock rules @ PhelanDavion 
spikeymikey0196's avatar
if this isn't within your stock rules, please say :3…
PhelanDavion's avatar
all fine, very good. :)
spikeymikey0196's avatar
Thank you very much :3 i've just updated it ^_^
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This is Reaaaally Good!!! I love the pose you are in giving it a unique style that most people wouldn't have thought of! Also your facial expression really makes it more realistic! This is a piece of war right here! keep up the good work!!!
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Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon) Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon) THAT MUSTACHE IS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon) Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon) 
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No soldier would shoot their gun with their foot like that lmao
PhelanDavion's avatar
point 1: 
That`s exactly why "I" do it. This... is... "deviant Art".
I produce special action stock pose reference for concept images. My art needs to be unique.

point 2:
I lost my left foot and couldn`t move any different than that. That`s why I am shooting photos now instead of rifles.

point 3:
One can still shoot pretty well with the foot like that.
Zkeierea's avatar
I dont know why you told me point 2, but losing your foot sucks.

I shot a gun before, and if I had the choice of doing leg pose on my knees I would. You can shoot from worse positions, but doesn't mean its affective.
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sure. :D (Big Grin) 

Well, I mentioned point 2 because it`s the reason for this particular leg pose here in this picture. 
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well that's what makes it unique. Because it's sometimes better shooting if you've been injured but can aim than if you like me would try to shoot without knowing how to.
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Admittedly the one on the right reminds me of Act of Valor, when they're trying to extract in the truck.... ofc... in this case.... minus the truck...
PhelanDavion's avatar
minus the truck... :D (Big Grin) 
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