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This is a direct link to a visualisation of the global pandemic data by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University:…

In case you did not know this tool... you`re welcome. It gives a solid overview and it will become very important for the following month (and maybe years).
I took this screenshot 3 days ago when it became clear that we lost control.
Watching this screen for already 2,5 month now... I can say... now it is exploding.
If you may have any questions, feels free to ask and discuss.
I have been preparing for this for many years now and I volunteered for military civil protection one year ago.

We are living in Germany and our chancelor declared national curfew just 7 hours ago. 5 hours ago she went into personal quarantine.

I am posting this on deviantArt because I think it is a very important tool for all of us to get the whole situation.

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Thank you for posting this. I didn't know such a site existed until now.

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- EVA: Welcome back, commander.
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I watch this data every day. It reminds me of Plague Inc. game
It is very sad...
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I hope as soon as people get their shit together we all can start helping each other.

For now most people and governments still need time to realize whats going on and to skip from reacting to acting.

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Thank you very much. I find that we lack this kind of place where to get precise and serious information.
And.... thanks for your volunteering. I'm "only" a simple person (in France), but with my girlfriend we stay at home as much as possible, going out only if really needed to buy food/supplies. And we try to spread the message : listen to medics & scientists, stay at home, be careful, wash your hands, etc...

We're so sad to see all of this :/ (and our government who is doing... argh... well, not best decisions we'll say. We already have several medics who died because of the lack of material & human means.)

:iconk-zlovetch: :iconhellypse: this should interest you.
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I wish you all the best. We will get through this. :)

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Thank you :heart: Same for you !
Yes :hug:

Courage to everyone helping and fighting this !
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Global confirmed cases: 339,035; total deaths: 14,705; total recovered: 98,799 last updates I got via Facebook on their CDC/Coronavirus feed as of right now at 3:25am CST on March 23rd 2020
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I`m making a screenshot every day. It is a useful documentation.

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:iconcat-man-dancing: and :icononlytheghosts: this is interesting!

Thanks for the link! Adding it now.
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You`re welcome. :)

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The coronavirus shit needs to die off.
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It will...... hopefully sooner than later.

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Stay home stay safe!

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Is that a Bible on greenland
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I`d call it a red dot...

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Thanks open borders!
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Well... it`s a globalized open world.

That brings good and bad things for all of us.

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