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The War Between the Clouds

The War Between Clouds
Andre Mota 2005

This is the next version of my "Between the Clouds"! Its a lot darker then the other ! And i like it more! Hope u like this version!

At the next days u will see a mix of this, it will be a collab between me *Phektion and my great friend *darkevil!


Comments and :+fav:'s deeply appreciated!


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great color range and unification throughout
the-darkest-pink's avatar
wow.... war between clouds:love: great idea! love it
Crazyghosts's avatar
I read the other comments and didn't see anyone point this out, in the picture you spelled Coulds instead of Clouds.
OJX's avatar
Amazing piece
love the colours
FrealaF's avatar
wow is beautiful and very well done!! jejeje you like star wars?
maybe i wold like more if isnt futuristic XD i like more medieval an old times XDD
blazius's avatar
you spelled "clouds" wrong on your artwork
car-fan's avatar
:jawdrop: :jawdrop:

Amazing work It's brilliant :clap:

Err...if I may you have a tutorial for this? :blush:
happyfolk's avatar
HOLY SHIIIIIIIIT!!! that is so fucking AWESOME i mean god damn thats incredible i give it 12 out of 10 :-)

it's like a scene from star wars, the way i always wanted it to be (with an 18s rating).
lol, are those Y-wings? Nice pic, really depicts the future ahead of us. Really love how the big rocks in the back are coliding right as you look at it.

Loved it.
very impressive but maybe it will be a good idea to change the writing in the bottom
misspeling of clouds into coulds adds confusion
other than that, great
davemetlesits's avatar
Cool and scary pic. Aren't those spaceships like NX-10 Invincibles from StarTrekAustralia?
Aeires's avatar
Glad I went looking through the galleries, this rocks. Love all the things going on and the black lightning was a cool touch.
SAGFX's avatar
Stunning O_O, great job i really like the spikes of light coming off some of the building but yeah the x-wings or w/e really don't fit in my opion they look 2 cartoony but that my opion lol :O great job tho :D
niteangel's avatar
Interesting concept, but those Y-wings really turn me off. It shows the lack of originality here. The buildings are obviously repulicates or one another, and maybe only some details can help. The "dark lightning" is unnecessary, while some flying ammo will work better.

Keep it up!
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Thx a lot for the comment ..deeply appreciated! :handshake:
k00x's avatar
you're a pimp...this rox my ass \=D/
Jor-Dan's avatar
I love it... except for those star-wars Y-Wings... they look way out of place... the perspective seems off, they don't match the tones, there is almost no Anti-aliasing, it looks like they were super-imposed into the picture. Everything else is awesome though!
Fractured-Visual's avatar
awesome work man!! love this work
thats nice work :) good details! +fav ;)
xuglybobx's avatar
i'm really hating the typo
Centercore's avatar
looks good man i like those ships and the buildings in the distance make the scene look so big nice work :D
viperv6's avatar
:clap: ....this is fantastic !!!!! :D it !! .....,hhmm...maybe some small lights on the buildings...hhmm...
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