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May the 4th: Celebrating Star Wars
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My Bio

I always liked to draw. I'm no expert artist but at least I try... as in I can't really draw figures correctly. I know little about shading and properly drawing shadows. For a number of things where cartoons and fan art is concerned, I tend to draw a character's head a little too big while the rest of their body appears small. However, my drawing style does improve after a few rough starts. I largely avoid drawing backgrounds as much as possible because the large amount of effort needed.

If I start drawing new characters, that could take a while because I'm usually hesitant to do that. Once I draw them, I'll get confident enough to draw them again.

Currently, I can draw fan art based on Sam and Max, Rabbids, various characters from Ken Akamatsu's universe, and a certain number of characters from the Mario series...

Current Residence: Delaware

Operating System: Windows 7

Favourite cartoon character: Sam and Max

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Favourite Movies
Favourite Games
Sam and Max, LucasArts classics, Mario series...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Gamecube, and Wii
Other Interests
Drawing and Gaming
Huh.... I realized I went over the 1k Deviation mark without knowing it... Checking it now it was this pic...
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Which OC to Enroll in OC-Training Round 14?

22 votes
Teresa Fernandez
Bella De La Rosa
'Candace' Oguchi
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Posting Reaction Scripts for Comics...

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I've been debating about this recently... Whenever I read @SailorEnergy's latest webcomic chapters, I post my thoughts on a notepad and send him the note personally... over time it started evolving into reaction scripts (inspired by @meiyeezhu). And after one of my latest reaction scripts, @SailorEnergy suggested that I post the reaction script to his comic series on my gallery. Should I do that? I do have my OCs interacting with his OCs in the story (though not as witty as @meiyeezhu), but the direction of his story still stays the same. At the same time, the various blurbs I have throughout the chapter tend to be rather... informative, sometimes boring... Another thing to note, if I do decide to post these reaction scripts to @SailorEnergy's comics in the gallery, I do have to warn you that there are things I might say that could be offensive and such... things that could warrant a mature filter....
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Thx 4 the Faves^^:D :D

Actually, they're the ones I faved a long time ago... started adding those to a new collection...

Hello! I am here for the IMHO from OC-Training.

I have to start by saying that this feels a little like Deja vu, I think that we have been in the same team for four times now and have been paired up for the IMHO a time or two before lol.

I would like to start off by talking about your art and hopefully I do not say anything that I have not already said before😊 I went through your gallery to see some of your artwork and I noticed that you have been doing a lot of comic strips more and more. And I really like them. I think that they are all very well thought out and composed. The paneling is not crowded at all and overall, just really enjoyable to read. I have always had such a hard time composing comic strips, so I really admire people who do such a great job. I am loving the thought and detail you are putting into your storyline, characters, and artwork. Keep up the great work. If I could make a suggestion, I would like to say that something you might be able to improve upon would be that sometimes whenever you are drawing faces from the three quarter view they can start to look a little bit stretched. I wouldn’t know of any videos or tips to help you out as I have the very same problems with my own art work lol.

As for Karielle and her story, I really think you have a good thing going here. Her story is one that I can see many people being interested in (including myself) I think you have a really good base for her story and are doing a great job at presenting it in OC-Training. From first glance at her character design, I was immediately intrigued. And over the weeks in OC-Training and slowly being able to learn more and more about Karielle and her story I have become rather invested in it. I am really rooting for her and hoping that she has her happy ending!

Thanks for the feedback.

Clip Studio Paint is what helped me make comic strips. And yes the length of the characters faces in the three-quarter view tend to vary.

Wait until the summer...