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something really helpful that I do all the time 
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That’s how I draw skin now. It looks like patchwork. How do I make the skin smooth?

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Wow, changed the game 😩👏🏽
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As I come back to looking through my favorites, this is still an awesome tool and would not have crossed my mind to do this. Thank you!
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So simple, so perfect!
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Exactly what I was thinking o.o
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omg.. why did I never thought of this :I
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Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. 
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this is so helpful!!! im gonna start painting in photoshop soon and tips like this make me smile like an idiot!! thank u! ur so awesome Swoon~ 
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This is the coolest thing ever thanks!!!
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Great idea, never thought of doing this, well done!
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Awesome idea I will try that!
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I find myself using this tip a lot, so a big thanks for sharing this. Love 
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that's a great idea :O
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Thank you. This is a big help!
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I think this is the best trick I've ever seen on Deviantart, girl.
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This is the best tip I've found in a long while. Thanks so much! Hug 
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So simple, yet it works so well ;-; Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you for sharing this!
thank you so much! XD
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This is actually really helpful, thank you so much for sharing!
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For GIMP Users:


just for people who r too poor or have a old computer like me Chili Anime Emoji (Ye yay yeah) [V3] 
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