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Zira and Kovu

Zira as male and cub Kovu as female.
No idea why they are on the Pride Rock and what are they talking about.
Probably about baaaaad, eeeeevil lioness called Simba.
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Can i take this art for my instagram account
I go to credit you
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Sorry for super late reply ^^" But if the question is still up-to date, yes, you can :)

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You made this artwork!? I remember seeing this literally 10 years ago. It was one of the OG TLK artworks for me
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Yes, I made this :)

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Omfg!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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*dies of happiness because you responded* 
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It would be cool if Zira was male
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Maybe you should name male Zira, Zaro and Kovu, uh I don't know Wink/Razz 
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wow Zira actually looks really hot as a male :) great job ♥
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did you use word paint for this? It looks very good.
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Thank you! I used gimp.
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hahhahahahaha nice!
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dat genderbend o.o
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. . . is it wrong that I find male Zira very handsome?
The-Magic-Beans's avatar it isn't ;-; I honestly think a male zira looks better than a female one xD kinda suits her personailty too. but instead of pushing the kinghood on Kovu she (he) would be all... "i'm the king" and probably kill everyone who opposed him. :I
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Zira gender bends good
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XD So gender switch?
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