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The Eldrioni Species by Pheasant-One The Eldrioni Species :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 6 2
SOP - Ideologies of the Univesre - Introduction
The Universe is full of many ideologies. With far too many to count. But many of these ideologies intersect and fall within a greater, all-encompassing blanket. From a reductionist standpoint, all ideologies, no matter which species usually fall under two categories, Universalism and Nationalism. Sometimes these two sides can seem similar to each other, giving a "Horseshoe" effect depending on the ideology's or religion's view of its supposed superiority.
To diminish this horseshoe effect and make the two clearer,  the two can differ between the ideas of serving the whole or isolating one's clan. Universalism means to protect and serve all life in order to bring about peace and prosperity. Nationalism is very much the same, but only for bringing prosperity one's clan at the expense of others. But this can never be an absolute definition as radical forms of Universalism can bring about death and destruction to entire galaxies while moderate forms of Nationalism can be completely ha
:iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 1 0
Eva Vallivia Mernaga Form by Pheasant-One Eva Vallivia Mernaga Form :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 45 0 The Occupation of Paranak - The Darkest Depths by Pheasant-One The Occupation of Paranak - The Darkest Depths :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 251 12
Shadows Over Sina - Part 1
The catacombs under the mountains were unending. The air was heavy and there was an intoxicating stench of rotting plants. The long cement halls were covered in wet moss that turned the walls dark yellow. Cobwebs covered in the remains of its victims expanded across every corner, and on the floors where the scattering of insects. These halls expanded for miles on end, with the sighting of an abandoned railcar that was covered with moss and riddled with holes. The rail tracks on the floors have rotted years ago, covered in algae and half flooded. Dripping water echoed with the rare occasion of ghostly whispers. The only light that emitted was the dying glows of the wall floodlights and the lantern that was held by the claws of a curious explorer.
The Explorer walked close to the walls to avoid the deep murky water. Dressed in rags that he collected and sowed over his years of urban exploration. In his other hand was a wood carved stick that he used to balance himself along the edges. He
:iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 3 0
Star Princeipes (Lords) by Pheasant-One Star Princeipes (Lords) :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 17 1 SEVA Armor (Version Two) by Pheasant-One SEVA Armor (Version Two) :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 119 4 SEVA Mutation (Bipedal Eva) by Pheasant-One SEVA Mutation (Bipedal Eva) :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 70 4 SEVA Mutation (Armored Eva V2) by Pheasant-One SEVA Mutation (Armored Eva V2) :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 262 12 Okosmos MK.1 by Pheasant-One Okosmos MK.1 :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 25 12 ARMA 3 Flags by Pheasant-One ARMA 3 Flags :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 11 1 Cyan, the Lazy Wanderer by Pheasant-One Cyan, the Lazy Wanderer :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 13 0 Royal Arrvian Trooper by Pheasant-One Royal Arrvian Trooper :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 26 0
Mature content
Star Principality of All-Celestia: Introduction :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 1 2
Royal Notori Soldier by Pheasant-One Royal Notori Soldier :iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 13 0
Second Holy Eldrioni Empire: Introduction
"Mother Earth and Father Eldrion under one house"
-Imperial Sphere Motto
"The Earth Empire was a wretched hive of infinite stupidity. But the Eldrioni Empire is an anarchy of the worst sorts of scum and villainy. The Empire is where ideas and dreams go to die under the iron boot of humanity."
- Vis'vorok, Shar of the Free Athiest Leauge, 562,500 AD.
Note: It is important to make a distinction between an Eldrion and the Eldrioni Empire. Not every member of the Eldrion species takes their authority from the Eldrioni Empire. This notion is considered highly offensive and is to be avoided at all times.
To many outsiders, the existence of the Eldrion Empire is a complete oxymoron. Just as the Imperial Sphere itself is a collective of contradictions. While the Empire takes its name from the First Eldrion Empire, it doesn't have a proper claim to be considered an heir as that title belongs to Earth. Eldrion isn't so much an "Empire" as it is an administrative division of th
:iconpheasant-one:Pheasant-One 1 1


++ Conflagration - RolandLatoreSpeed ++ by SinisterEternity ++ Conflagration - RolandLatoreSpeed ++ :iconsinistereternity:SinisterEternity 141 19 Tokoyami Fumikage Mermaid by tittyrexx Tokoyami Fumikage Mermaid :icontittyrexx:tittyrexx 49 3 Infernus the Immolator by Blazbaros Infernus the Immolator :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 494 26 Interuption by AlfaFilly Interuption :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 47 8 Toxic Summer by nakanoart Toxic Summer :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 1,382 54 Grim Weaver Arachne Concept by PTimm Grim Weaver Arachne Concept :iconptimm:PTimm 647 26 Hostile Takeover by Scappo
Mature content
Hostile Takeover :iconscappo:Scappo 271 8
Knights of the Order of War by TyphonArt Knights of the Order of War :icontyphonart:TyphonArt 310 18 [C0MM] Eva and Rolios by falcoDArgento
Mature content
[C0MM] Eva and Rolios :iconfalcodargento:falcoDArgento 14 10
Megastructures 3 Alderson Disk Design Packet by ArtOfSoulburn Megastructures 3 Alderson Disk Design Packet :iconartofsoulburn:ArtOfSoulburn 407 73
Labyrinth: Audition P.2
He felt. Tired.
Forte always felt tired. There was hardly a moment that went by where he did not feel like sleeping away the day in his warm, dry nest up in the forest canopy. His home, a home so high up that some days it was more trouble than it was worth to exert the energy to climb up and down from it. There were countless nights he would slumber with the kurri or in the temporary shelters the livestock herders provided on ground level because he could not muster the energy to even go home. Sleep was the one time he did not have to struggle in his feeble physical form.
They called it Eversleep for a reason, he supposed.  
The pale-faced rozenich jerked his head upwards as he felt himself dozing once again. His blue head feathers ruffled, and he shook himself to recapture h
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 4 2
Big Daddy and His Yorkie by InuMitsu Big Daddy and His Yorkie :iconinumitsu:InuMitsu 151 33 Lord Shen Chibi  by AniDragmire Lord Shen Chibi :iconanidragmire:AniDragmire 31 5 Kon Sy by Culpeo-Fox Kon Sy :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,198 30 Hungary by fennomanic Hungary :iconfennomanic:fennomanic 46 9 Sassybirb [com] by StupidShepherd
Mature content
Sassybirb [com] :iconstupidshepherd:StupidShepherd 7 0


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Deviant Pheasent
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Hello, welcome to my profile!
I'm a jack of all trades. This DA profile is for my more serious projects (which I never have much time to work on).

I mostly work on my story and art based on them. Once in a while, I'll post commissioned art ordered from others.
A lot of my content is mostly weird, involving science fiction and fantasy. I also sometimes write in my journal about stuff that's been on my mind, please don't look at that. So if you like any of my stuff I'd love to see people's comments. And if you want to help me out of my procrastination trance, that'll be nice too!

I'm also pretty friendly, though I never have anything interesting to say. But even then I enjoy meeting new people! I'm also open to simple flag commissions as well, so be sure to look at that if you're interested.

I'm also really dumb.

NSFW FA account:…
(Don't visit my FA, it's disgusting and dangerous)



Due to a lack of motivation and looking at other, more personal projects.
I won't be posting anything new on DA for a while. 

I don't have a date when I'll come back, but lets just say that I'll come back when I'm ready.



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Pink-Piggu Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice flags, and thanks for visiting my page!
Pheasant-One Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2019  Student Writer
You're welcome!
Ksulolka Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
Pheasant-One Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2019  Student Writer
You're welcome!
Ribbontail Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019
Aahh I recognize you from Filly's work-- how fun, to meet friends of friends. Thanks for the watch! =D Your gallery is really interesting and I like how there's a little bit of everything. How many projects/stories do you work on, overall? I can't wait to dig in!
Pheasant-One Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019  Student Writer
I'm glad you like my content! I like your work as well!

I've been trying to keep my projects to just one, my Stars of Preeminence setting. But that setting has multiple stories I'd like to tell, so far I only have two I'd like to post.
I have a new picture I've been itching to post, but I need to write a bio for it first. I also like to be a jack of trades and experiment with different ideas.

You actually caught me at the right time, since I've been trying to get back into writing and world building after a long absence. Sadly, very few people care about my writings, which
is the bread and butter of my setting. If I don't offer any boobs, then most people won't interested. I try to work around my lack of artistic skill and make something that people will enjoy.
Ribbontail Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2019
Ahh it sounds like we're in the same boat. Being a jack-of-all-trades is really enriching, but it takes more steam to get rolling if you've been in idle-- especially if you're a writer or hobbyist. (Where does one even begin, right? Haha!) Good luck getting those gears greased, I look forward to learning more about SoP and seeing where it goes!

What name do you go by, btw? Feel free to call me any variation of "Ribbon-tail". :nod:
Pheasant-One Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2019  Student Writer
I go by my username.
I also go by Noone, which is from my FA username, Nooneishere12.
TheGreatestShenFan Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
What happned to your fanfic "The shen problem?" when it was still up, I really enjoyed it.
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