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Super Bowl Halftime Surprise!


Existence 13. The End


Existence 13. The End

A lot of things had woken Hex up. Once a man with a shotgun had woken him up and kidnapped him. Another time he’d awoken to a huge red dragon called Alten that said they were brothers. Morag had woken him during the first days, and he’d been roused another occasion by his friend Anna, when they first met. But by far the most often thing to wake him had been Nessie’s jaws snapping shut on his tail, and he whipped it closer to his belly out of sheer instinct. This time there was no jolt of pain, despite his muscles tensing in preparation for a minute long rough and tumble with his sister. He’d need to take it outside qu


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Pheagle's chimera TF has gotten a bit weirder with crow & cicada wings! Next he's going to get chest floof, but from what species?? No repeats, but fictional species welcome! Give me suggestions below in the replies!!!

Species Suggestions!

Species Suggestions!

Now is the time to get your species suggestions in! Pheagle's right hand turned into a wolf paw but his right foot is next! The artist hasn't started yet so there's still time to suggest a species you'd like to see! No canines this time, for variety. For reference, the first TF page of the sequence is here:

Pheagle's Potion Mixing Accident!

Pheagle's Potion Mixing Accident!

I'm planning a 9-page chimera TF sequence with artist ~Keetah-Spacecat ( but I don't want to know what the species are until each part happens. I need suggestions to add to a wheel for her to spin when each section of the TF comes up! For reference here is the first page: You may respond with species suggestions there or here or PM me with your ideas. Anything goes. First to TF is the right hand and arm. Please suggest for that right now, the other parts of the body will come later!

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This is not the end for the Thornberry sisters, more of them coming up! :D

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