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TIFFANY still beta

!supports x64 x32 (SP1)
!fonts calibri
!featured made

fake toolbar,
no address bar,
status bar,
new and smaller font,
new taskbar and orb,
new noti and clock icon,
no caption fonts.

!please report any bugs!
!credits to

xpng for the based theme.
phd7 for the newest mod.
phS2 for the background in the preview.
katz93 for the icon.
neodesktop for the theme's author

!use shadow of this [link]
!working on SP1!
!the name is after my sister name, 'TIFFANY'.
!the preview inspired by OSMOSE.

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how the fuck i can change the font size, it's so tiny and hurts my eyes
dangzster's avatar
bro,how i can remove address bar in vsb? :)
cocooh's avatar
Waiting for the final release XD
wow, awesome, but hard to see, i am myopic
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Thank you !
iroveashe's avatar
This looks great, too bad I have XP :(
IzzuThug's avatar
this is really nice, where can I get those icons?
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hostister's avatar
can you tell me what are you use a fonts in "tiffany" or "caption buttons"?
it isn't a calabri right?
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yep, its calibri.
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Very interesting, I'm not ready to install this just yet but you can bet on that happening some time soon, perhaps over hte coming weekend. Nice looking work! :thumbsup:
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Thanks you !
RudeBoySes's avatar
i thought this theme looked familiar..
im using XPNG's theme and love it..

your mod is beautiful too!

im on a search for the ULTIMATE minimalistic theme with dark grey color scheme.
if you know of one .. please let me know.
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nice theme..but bigger font pls
phd7's avatar
Thank you ! Smaller font make the theme for minimal. :)
DelAn0's avatar
yeah i understand, but i have a 22" screen and can hardly see it
andyinsane's avatar
i realy like this theme, but. The font is way to small to read.
otherwise this Vs is pretty awesome!
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Thank you ! The small font make the theme more minimal. :)
bgjerlowdesigns's avatar
Looks pretty go so far. Would like a version without the fake toolbar though. Another thing is that you should make the fonts bigger, as they are barely readable on my screen. Also, I think the taskbar needs more work
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I already fixes all of it, update today, have you download the updated?
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