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Wait. Really? Again? by Phazon-Sentinel Wait. Really? Again? :iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 3 0
Poem of Fallin'
The sky is crackin'
The light is fadin'
The lie is failin'
The night is comin'
The moons are burnin'
The dead are risin'
The truth is showin'
The end is nearin'
Dark gates are openin' up
Dark hordes swiftly pourin' out
Only a few stars still shinin' above
Only a handful keep fighin' on
New horrors formin'
Old dreams dyin'
Battle is ragin'
Blood is spillin'
Yet the brave are holdin'
Still the knights are slayin'
Demons droppin' into the gray
Survivors flyin' so far away
Angels are soarin'
Monsters are screamin'
But the common man standin' his ground
Or the royal lord savin' his servant
Soldiers are bleedin'
Their blades are swingin'
Nightmares are fleein'
Their heads are rollin'
Against the darkness, we all stand
Protect the light, to the last
People of shadow, guardin' the lost
Holding our ground, at any cost
Defend what's keft, until the end
All that remain, marchin' to war
The warriors of the moment
The heroes of the day
But becomin' legends forever
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19,214 by Phazon-Sentinel 19,214 :iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 1 0
Outworld High: Intro Foreword
    My name is Alida T. Mashaka. I'm 15 years old, female, and a freshman at Outwash High School, in the city of Outwash-- the third largest city on the terraforming-created Starview Island. It's 2247, and Starview Island is the heart of a UN-led international space program that is only a few months from creating fully effective long-distance Faster-Than-Light technology. In the meanwhile, the island is already humanity's stepping-stone to the stars, with an average of two mass driver payloads being launched into orbit per day, mostly consumables and construction supplies for the orbital stations and the colonies on Luna-- ya know, the moon--, mars, and far-off Ganymede. An accelerator gate in each direction sends transports to and from Ganymede at near light-speed, so they get their supplies pretty quick. Oh, they found evidence of alien probes on Luna and small bases on Mars and Ganymede, back in the twenty-one-nineties. Even with the whole Roswell thing still cla
:iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 4 2
PsiCraft Concept 1 Fighter by Phazon-Sentinel PsiCraft Concept 1 Fighter :iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 3 0
First Chapter of Story
Kimatey Mel'Kel'Tuura ran as fast as she could, her near-identical sister  Ariivin not far ahead of her. As the anthropomorphic cat passed a small tree, it exploded, hit by a shell from the cannon-like rifles wielded by their strange pursuers. The unnerving man-machine cyborgs had simply appeared in Telera Do village-- and started killing everyone. "Faster, Kimatey!" Ariivin cried, jumping a crevasse of a gorge with a narrow, winding opening to a canyon-like space beneath. But as Kimatey made her leap, a volley of shells burst around her--- battering and scratching her and gouging away the edge of the gorge; thrown about by the small explosions, she fell to the ground, slid and rolled, and fell into the opening of the gorge.
Flailing and grabbing wildly, she managed to grasp a root protruding just below the edge of the opening, she then made the mistake of looking around, and nearly let go as she screamed, recognizing the place. The Gorge of Shadowed Suffering, a normally fog
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Phazon 8D by Phazon-Sentinel Phazon 8D :iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 6 5
Shadow Wars: Rise of Uroboros
Dylan Specht
Shadow Wars: Rise of Uroboros
Chapter 0—Prologue
Part 1: Uroboros
Agent PDS had been a normal 18-ish American with Autism. Smart, socially awkward, totally out of shape. Then he'd been invited to Project Uroboros, an ultra-secret military initiative to create the strongest force the world had ever seen. PDS had taken to the cutting-edge augmentations and enhancements faster than any other, even while attending high school. Just a few days after graduation, he was put into a minor coma for a final series of surgeries and treatments. Several friends of his, some from other nations, had been placed on Uroboros as well, and they underwent lesser but still extraordinary procedures during the week he was out cold. Uroboros included 120 researchers, scientists, doctors, and other staff, and 600 subjects. But their resources were vast, the best technology and equipment in their underground complex, beyond many military personnel's wildest dreams.
Uroboros was organized separa
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Mature content
Untitled Story:Draft: Prologue to Ch2 :iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 2 6
The sounds of a pistol being unloaded, all rounds save one being pushed from the clip, and the gun reloaded with the near-empty magazine.
The rustling of cloth and clacking of metal as an armored jacket is taken off. A soft clink as a prized necklace and it's medallion token is dropped onto a wood table. A thud as a light but tall body falls into a metal chair.
These were the noises Phazon S made, and heard, as he considered what to do. He had few real friends, saw them very rarely. Some of them didn't seem to care anymore.
He was losing all motivation to live. He looked at the magnum in his hands. "Why bother living? Why bother surviving? No one will care. Not if I end myself, much less if I just leave. Heck, they'll be happier that way!"
He paused, and put the gun down. Stared at the engagement ring on his finger, pulled it off and dropped it next to his necklade. "Are the few things I h
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Specht Essay/Short: Tsi: Vicvolans
are by nature attractive, slender yet muscular with slightly
glistening jet-black skin. Females tend toward large (but not huge)
breasts. They have excellent senses, especially hearing, despite
their lack of external ears. Each of their four arms ends in a very
dexterous five-fingered hand, and all of their limbs are extremely
flexible. Vicvolans secrete a virulent combination acid and toxin,
simply called venom, as a defense mechanism, though it takes training
to control properly. They are popular as slaves for their
intelligence and ability to control their fertility at will—they
can render themselves temporarily sterile, regardless of gender.
Unlike common non-anthro viperwolves, their snout-tips are smooth,
and their teeth (which are retractable) are concealed when their
mouths are closed. Venom coated electrified neurotoxin delivering
micro-stingers cover the tips of their rearward feeler antenna. They
can change their fing
:iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 2 2
Doom to Dust Chapters 5 to 7
Dylan Specht Doom to Dust: Chapters
5, 6, 7
Chapter 5:
The Sickness Rises
“Johanson! Look
Greene shouted--- but it was too late. The fireball slammed into his
friend's face before one of the grabber-jockeys could intercept it;
he fell from the cloud of smoke with his face missing, his bloody
skull and empty eye sockets showing where it had been. Greene
released a scream more demonic than any noise the attacking creatures
could and leapt from the semicircle formation. “Greene!”
Phazon called, powerless to stop the man. The red-headed Greene
rushed a Hell Knight and literally threw
it through a wall

before leaping into the hole to finish it off. The scream of “You
want some too?! GET SOME!
drifted back amid the spray of blood that came out the gaping tear in
the steel barrier.
full dozen hell knights teleported in and stomped towards Fox squad.
“This is it boys..... it was a pleasure to se
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Doom to Dust Chapters 3 and 4
Specht Sentinel Stories: Doom to Dust: Chapters 3-4:
3: Delta
case was labeled “Vulcan
1270/A Assault Model
When Greene opened it, sure enough, it contained a combat-grade
double-barrel shotgun. “Take it, son,” Phazon ordered,
“You've earned it!” Greene smiled as he took the gun.
“Sir, yes sir!
Thank you, sir!” The two men secured the shells and cells
stored in the office, then went and rejoined Fox Squad.
looks to be the equivalent of the original base's Delta Complex. We
appear to have found an entrance that leads directly to a teleporter
room..... Greene, run the Base Sarge's PDA through the GUI!”
The somewhat younger man nodded and did so. When the doors slid open,
they revealed a horror movie scene. Body lay everywhere, the whole
room was drenched in gore, weapons, ammunition, and supplies were
scattered all across the room. Several places around the room, bodies
were stuck i
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Kat: Healing Heroes 1
Dylan Specht Sentinel Stories:
Healing: Advancement
Kat finished
activating the last of the K-X12 medical droids and fitting them with
UH/R Beamers. The Universal Heal/Repair Beam was an invention of her
adopted brother Phazon and his father, James; it actually molecularly
rearranged and repaired damage, be it to flesh or machine. When the
droids were ready, she loaded up her own medical kit and followed
them to the treatment wards, though she took a different section for
efficency's sake.
The moment she
entered, every concious being started applauding and cheering.
Blushing a bit, she took a bow, hid the blush as best she could, and
went to the nearest wounded person. “Lady Kat.... i-it's a
pleasure!” the man said elatedly. “The pleasure is mine,
my brave friend. How were you wounded?” She replied. “Pirate
Assault Drones ambushed me on patrol.” “Kills?” The
soldier gestured as he spoke: “6 Mark 1s, 4 pirate troops, 1
Mark 4. 1 guy
:iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 2 0
Seriil: Taking Care of Family
Dylan Specht Sentinel Stories:
Family: The Afflicted
Seriil walked down the
halls of the hospital, careful to keep her hood up. After a good 15
minutes, she found the room. The anthro girl laying on the bed was an
unusual one, with pale blue and light grey fox markings, but a wolf’s
short snout, rabbit ears, and a cat’s tail. Her naturally white
hair contrasted her lovely blue eyes. She was still dressed in cute
yet modest and inconspicuous street clothes; the bandages on her arm
and forehead were the only obvious clues she was injured. Externally,
the girl was fine.
Internally, Ad’ika
S. was dying a rapid yet horrible and painful death. But Seriil
wouldn’t let that run it’s course. After all, Ad’ika’s
birth mother was Seriil’s little sister, though genetically
they were totally unrelated. But family they were, she noted as she
approached the girl. “S-s-Seriil?!” Ad’ika murmured
when she  saw the woman.
:iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 1 3
Mature content
Doom to Dust Chapters 1 and 2 :iconphazon-sentinel:Phazon-Sentinel 1 0


These Damned Sweaters by GummyBearGirl1313
Mature content
These Damned Sweaters :icongummybeargirl1313:GummyBearGirl1313 12 6
Ocula by GummyBearGirl1313 Ocula :icongummybeargirl1313:GummyBearGirl1313 12 16 Xandra, The Dragon Bae by GummyBearGirl1313 Xandra, The Dragon Bae :icongummybeargirl1313:GummyBearGirl1313 19 9 The Elder Thing by Girhasha The Elder Thing :icongirhasha:Girhasha 132 36 Annubis by Girhasha Annubis :icongirhasha:Girhasha 85 12 Elder Thing Concept Art by BlackMarketLibrarian Elder Thing Concept Art :iconblackmarketlibrarian:BlackMarketLibrarian 15 2 Mythic Shoggoth by MichaelJaecks Mythic Shoggoth :iconmichaeljaecks:MichaelJaecks 174 8 Official Fursona by ImpButt Official Fursona :iconimpbutt:ImpButt 10 1 Myra~ -NotMyArt- by ImpButt Myra~ -NotMyArt- :iconimpbutt:ImpButt 7 0 Hey There Bunn~ -GA- by ImpButt Hey There Bunn~ -GA- :iconimpbutt:ImpButt 14 0 Its a Sun Puppy~ by ImpButt Its a Sun Puppy~ :iconimpbutt:ImpButt 13 0 Lucy Reference by ImpButt Lucy Reference :iconimpbutt:ImpButt 19 1 I know you're out there~ by ImpButt I know you're out there~ :iconimpbutt:ImpButt 13 3 Audrey by ImpButt Audrey :iconimpbutt:ImpButt 32 2 Ceria: Elemental Symbols by Bluzooka51 Ceria: Elemental Symbols :iconbluzooka51:Bluzooka51 2 1 Ceria: User Symbols by Bluzooka51 Ceria: User Symbols :iconbluzooka51:Bluzooka51 1 0
I hate offending or upsetting people.
I literally can't describe how miserable it makes to to lose friends.
But upsetting someone so much they block me on dA and skype.... without me even realizing what I did.... and now I'm never going to get a chance to find out what I did to offend them.
Much less to apologize.

But as upset as I am, and no matter how I think of it, I don't blame them. Only myself. -sigh- Some friend I turned out to be.



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