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Sobble Love

I like Scorbunny but I do feel some sympathy for Sobble. He needs love.

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TotallyFrostyTD's avatar
Sobble is very overrated has of now compared to the likes of Grookey.
Omega-Omicron's avatar
regardless of which game I get, I am choosing Sobble as my starter
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DinoDilopho's avatar
i love you sobble ;w;
RenegadeSpirit's avatar
Well of course I love you!!! Even though you are a Water type, you somehow manages to make a brand you career into it. I am a dummy! 
BluePosey's avatar
I'm already dead.
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
Aww it's such a cutie!!
whosaskin's avatar
Actually, he's the only one I like so far.
KingGodzilla1995's avatar
Sobble's definitely my favorite of the bunch ;X 
supereeveefan12's avatar
I just hate when people hate on starter Pokémon from a new game based off of the first look a them
MegaBrony95's avatar
I agree. I didn't like Sobble at first, but now I think I'm go in to pick him (I have a thing for water starters anyway).
supereeveefan12's avatar
I'm going to pick him first too
natsumigurl's avatar
Scorbunny is my favourite of the new starters, but I do agree Sobble deserves more love. They are cute and timid. 

Also I think people need to refer to starters as they instead of he/him or she/her whenever generalizing about their species, because we all know every starter has a chance to be either male or female, and I don't think it is fair to just pick one gender based on what the starter looks like in promotional art. But that's just my opinion. 

If I get both games (like I sometimes do), then I think I may start with Scorbunny in Sword and Sobble in Shield. If I only get one (in which case it will be Shield, then Scorbunny is definitely my starter.)
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