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Mega Sunflora

By Phatmon
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made a Mega Sunflora ...a pokemon that everyone forgets, and since its a sunflower I Couldn't really do much, though i think it would be cool if it was part fire you know, they can do it. I don't know make it learn a fire attack or something. We have a pumpkin that can learn flame charge so you can make a sunflower learn ...fiery dance :D

 Sunflora --> Holding Sunflorite --> Mega Sunflora Solar Power

A new Mega evolution that increase the special attack,and speed of Sunflora. Becomes Grass/Fire

Pokemon © by Nintendo ©2016 GameFreak and Creatures Inc.:iconphatmon: is no way associated with those respective companies as this is a design project purely for entertainment and creativity.

Mega Sunflora by :iconphatmon:©2016
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The first ever Grass/Fire Pokemon should it ever come to be.

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Sunflora sucks, so it needs a Mega Evolution badly :XD:
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ELRIGHTStudent Artist
Fiery Dance very creative or how about flora tormenta
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Mega Sunflower needs to be a thing, it could bring thing forgotten by many except for a select few like me and others[[I like Sunflora because I like sunflowers]] and give it a step up and make it more usable for others!
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R3HAP3RStudent Digital Artist
Sunflora needs this damned mega evo, love this design *-*
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WillieMangaStudent Photographer
Everyone forgets Sunflora? Damn shame.
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It's like... A Sunflora Morlock on fire.
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awsomethewolfHobbyist General Artist
Trust me, we all wanna hug it.
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AsherTheAngelStudent Artist
It may Poke you with its Spiked  Vines tho.
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awsomethewolfHobbyist General Artist
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goodra676Student Artist
creative. cute. Daul-typing. I LOVE IT!! ^^
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SoManyFuckingFurriesHobbyist Traditional Artist
The hips
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EurekaTrollcatHobbyist General Artist
That's awesome. The Grass/Fire part was a nice touch, with Sunflora actually gaining the power of the sun.
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Yashael341Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice! I like a Grass/Fire type. Not enough cross-over in the Grass-Fire-Water triad, in my opinion.
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Normally, I would say a mega form to a Pokemon like Sunflora is a welcome edition, but... Sunflora might just be a lost cause cause it's so weak. ...Still, I'd hug this guy.
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bobby8506Hobbyist Digital Artist
"In this world, it's catch or be caught!"
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bobby8506Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Ohhh Yessss

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A good candidate for getting the Drought ability.
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Flowey, get outta here! You aren't a pokemon!
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TrapspringHobbyist Digital Artist
no. just fucking no.
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