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Mega Staraptor V.2

Kind of had to redo Mega Starraptor again I didn't like the one i did neither did other so i made him a bit more brawlic. Information remains the same

[Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest thank you for the fav stamp by fear-the-brillianceThank you for the fav by fear-the-brilliance

Staraptor --> Holding Staraptorlite --> Mega Staraptor

A new Mega evolution that increase the Attack and defense Flying/Fighting less speed

Tough Claws

The foe attacks 2-3 times (causes confusion)
Type: Fighting Physical
Power: 110
Acc: 100%
PP: 5

Talon Crusher
Type: Flying Physical
Power: 40
Acc: 100%
PP: 10
Attack power is raised every time this move is used - Power up punch variant

Pokemon © by Nintendo ©2014 GameFreak and Creatures Inc.:iconphatmon66: is no way associated with those respective companies as this is a design project purely for entertainment and creativity.

mega staraptor  by :iconphatmon66:©2014
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Angry birds is here
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Considering that Pidgeot got a Mega (which oddly buffed it's poor Special Attack stat rather than it's semi-average Attack stat and it's Speed got buffed while it's defenses only got slight buffs), Mega Staraptor should be it's Physical counterpart with the same stat boosts, while keeping the Fighting/Flying type combo.
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great megas loved scrafty and staraptor.... i ll be honored if you check and comment mines...
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Awesome! It reminds me of Tenma Taro from PWDD
Yata-garasU's avatar
Garudamon, is that you
HexaWolf's avatar
best Mega Staraptor I've seen :D
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I say: A-MAZ-ING!! wow, i really like your design of mega-staraptor.
now where is my staraptorlite? i need to talk to some talonflame....
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Guarudamon? is that you?
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There's no way you can nerf a bird's speed!
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Hes Gonna kill us
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this is way better then hawlucha.
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he looks really amazing, those arms! the only down side is that the pose he is in looks like he's trying to suck himself
Phatmon's avatar
suck himself? Care to elaborate
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..........ewww but i see the perspective problem 
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Damn,w ell it does make sense to be part fighting... it's wings shoulda been bigger though, IMO.
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will it learn Flying Press
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what about my requests
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like i said with the commissions i said to not to ask about when they are done, im literally swamp please understand thank you
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okay, just wanna know which one is nerly done, that's all ^^;
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Sweeeeeeet! I'd love to have this beast in battle!
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