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Mega Solrock

A concept of mega Solrock, I really hope he gets a mega or an evolution in pokemon sun and moon, he needs it and plus its the SUN Pokemon! A perfect representation of the Sun!

Solrock --> Holding Solrocite   --> Mega Solrock  Levitate or Drought...maybe but levitate is better. I'm split on the typing and the stats should it be Rock/Fire or stay Rock/Psychic? Any help would be appreciated.

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Mega Solrock by :iconphatmon:©2016
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For once those two will be important to the plot! They're not nice to the bad guys' team, but they do act extra friendly to the mascot legendary. As expected, you can only find one in Moon and the other in Sun.
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It looks like Solrock got stuck in the Ring of Arceus, and then Arceus get rid off it... haha but still it looks cool though :)
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:D Would it help that i was watching the Arceus and the Jewel of Life when I made mega Solrock XD
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Haha yeah I guess so ;);p
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look really cool, and better that your moon pkmn :nod:
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XD thanks, mega lunatone does look bland compare to mega solrock but i can't see how you can make a moon interesting
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pls pokemon company i neeeeeed this
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I agree but its up to the guys at gamefreak....sadly
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trueee. >_> let's storm the building
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My vote goes to Drought, but have a new typing of Fire/Psychic.
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hmmm i agree with you on drought but fire/psychic well i agree on the fire but rock is what make solrock "solrock" :)
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always felt solrock was more of a fire/psychic than anything else, but hey, solROCK right?
definetly levitate in mega imo
Nice work though! Loving the concept and could definetly even see this be in sun and moon tbh >:3
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thank you and really? When I see Solrock i keep thinking that its part fire type ^____^ but to each their own. I'm happy you like it :D
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yep, drought and the typing makes sense
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yeah i knew it was a good typing cause he a ssun now so he should have drought and be rock fire to

(it me cooldude154 by the way)
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Levitate. Rock/Fire.
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