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Mega Pachirisu (UPDATED)



I just drew it for fun, I don't think he needs a mega evolution just an evolution in general plus I had this idea that pachirisu could look like a super hero. I also don't think he would be part flying if he had a mega cause emolga pretty much is a flying squirrel so yeah. 

Pachirisu --> Holding Pachirisite  --> Mega Pachirisu Pure electric

 A new Mega evolution that increase the  attack; defense special attack, special defence and speed of Mega Pachirisu Gets Levitate (It is a superhero)

Attack 90

Defence 90
Special Attack 130
Special Defense 100

Speed 121

thank you for the fav stamp by fear-the-brillianceThank you for the fav by fear-the-brilliance[Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest

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Mega Pachirisu by :iconphatmon66:©2015
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Excuse me, may I have permission to draw this fakemon as fanart? I promise to give full credit.