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Mega Noctowl UPDATED

By Phatmon
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Yes another mega pokemon, I decided to do mega Noctowl because he needs one. This is an Updated version of My Mega Noctowl, I know we have a sage pokemon but When I see him he reminds me of one.

Noctowl --> Holding Noctowlite --> Mega Noctowl

A new Mega evolution that increase the Special Defence, and Special attack  of Noctowl Psychic/Flying

Freeze frame: Stops time for the opposing pokemon for 1 turn. Charging attacks are interrupted. Truant introverted meaning your opponent attacks every other turn

Pokemon © by Nintendo ©2013 GameFreak and Creatures Inc.:iconphatmon: is no way associated with those respective companies as this is a design project purely for entertainment and creativity.

Mega Noctowl  by :iconphatmon:©2013
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© 2013 - 2021 Phatmon
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i presume Noctowl's power is to manipulate time
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Looks like mega unknown is with him
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I'm making a wanted megas list, and I would like to use your art for Mega Noctowl! Is that alright? I'll add a link in the description!
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It's so amazing...
pit really can be a real Pokemon!!!
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It kind of reminds me of the one owl boss in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
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Hey noctowl looks like the owl from ocorina of time aww memories back when I had a nintendo 64 :)
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Really I'd consider this a completely different pokemon than a mega, when I first saw this I was wondering what pokemon it was. So far I've only seen slightly different looks for pokemon in mega form and you can still tell what the pokemon originally was, now I havn't played the newest games recently and megas are still rather new to me but from what I've seen, this feels like a different pokemon, very well done though ^o^
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this is SO amazing!!!!
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that would be nice! :D
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Wow, cool design! I love its colours! *___*
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It's very beautiful ! Can I make a sprite of it (for a fangame) ? You are in the credits, of course !!!
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May I use some of your fakemon for a fanfic and rp? I'll give full credit to you always.
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Noctowl totally deserves a mega evolution, great work, I really like the four strands that center the horn
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Nice! I like that you didn't let yourself get too held back by the regular design.

Also the ability has got to be one of the most innovated with respect to the mega evolution process.
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nice design, but awkward beak @.@ (P.S nice ability...creative)
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This could be its own Pokemon entirely.
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This is one of the best mega evolution's I've seen someone make up, love noctowl. 
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Am i the only one who thinks of the owl from ocarina of time when i see this ?
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Noctowl needs a regular evolution. Third-stage Pokemon, full-grown Pokemon, stone evolutions, and legendaries can use Mega evolutions.
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