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Hisuian Arcanine

Well another interpretation of Hisuian Arcanine. It may not be accurate but Arcanine is one of my favorite pokemon so i might as well give a shot. I can't wait to have an  Hisuian Arcanine! 

Pokemon © by Nintendo ©2021 GameFreak and Creatures Inc. :iconphatmon: is no way associated with those respective companies as this is a design project purely for entertainment and creativity.

Art by :iconphatmon:©2021
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© 2021 Phatmon
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This is so cool! Can I share on Tumblr? (With Credit of course)

Wow, the detail in this is incredible.

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This could be awesome!

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I really Really REALLY hope that hisuian Arcanine looks like this that would be sooo cool

Arcanine is one of my favorites too

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I hope it looks just as badass or better! I always loved Arcanine and its about time they did something with him!

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When Legends comes out, I'm catching a Growlithe and naming it King Shisa!

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thats freaking epic! do it!

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Godzilla Reference?

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I feel like the real design would look a LOT like this, it's just too good of a speculation

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This is the best speculation I have seen yet!

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0/10 not enough floof. /jk

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hell yeah 🔥

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Ohh I really love this design, I would love to have one.

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This is so amazing, I love it!

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aww thank you! :)

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This is absolutely fantastic design! I cannot wait for the game to come out, the fluffy Growliths are so cool! pastel hearts emoji

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