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Gigantamax Snorlax

I'm pretty sure if Snorlax got a Gigantamax forme I'm pretty sure it would be huge! I made his appearance more furry and feral kind of similar to Munchlax. When I was a kid I always thought that Snorlax was an overgrown obese cat until someone told me it was a bear and i was like oh...Well I still love Snorlax anyways. 

Height Estimation: 110'07"  

Pokemon © by Nintendo ©2019 GameFreak and Creatures Inc. :iconphatmon: is no way associated with those respective companies as this is a design project purely for entertainment and creativity. Art by :iconphatmon:©2019
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hey @Phatmon are you alright with me using your fanmade pokemon pictures for a few posters im gonna make? i really love the designs for your mega evolved and gigantamax forms and i wanted to use some of them for posters im making

ill credit you when i upload them

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More like he’s so lazy that trees grow on him, like plants take over old temples
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I would prefer this one over the actual one.

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When Fanart looks way better than official artwork. 😂 
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I actually like the official Giantamax Snorlax more, since it has a more creative concept in it, where it gets so fat and lazy, that plants and trees start growing on him.
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Oh my, I wonder what's Snorlax's weight? 1000+ lbs
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