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I'm just a regular guy, married with kids and who's had a pantyhose/ tights fetish for as long as i can remember.  I can't explain it, they just fascinate me.  Maybe the way they enhance a woman's legs, the way they hide all the flaws and make their legs stand out.  The sound they make when they rub against each other.  The way they make an outfit seem more "complete" and elegant.  I've always had this fetish.  I guess I can blame television from the 60's Batman, Wonder Woman to the 70's Three's Company, to the 90's shows like Wings and Frasier....But as with all fetishes, it began to evolve to include the damsel in distress scenarios.  Nothing hardcore, but definetly inescapable and of course, in stocking feet.

I finally admitted to my wife of my fetish and at first, she didn't understand and was kinda weirded out about it.  To her, pantyhose were uncomfortable and only to be worn to formal events.  But at the time, we were having difficulty reconnecting so I told her of a sure way to get me going.  She reluctently went along with it and we haven't looked back.  What is the downside of admitting to the love of your life, your most deepest secret?  She teases me now, wearing them to bed to see how I'll respond to her.  And now that I've shown her other brands that are better quality, I think she's enjoying them as well.  I've asked her if it bothers her that I'll instantly become aroused when she wears them, but she now actually enjoys it.  I guess she likes the control.  All I can say is I don't mind.