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Epic Dragon

ok I think will post some thing that not cutely over loading. been drawing to much of that cute stuff lately, lets see how you like my awesome puck work.
I wanted to draw more in my rust sty and work on it and get better at it, and push my SAi as far as I can so I tried first to have a 20x20 canvas under a 300 dpi and it did not like that did even let me make the canvas. so I think it let me make a 14x18 canvas. witch will be my biggest canvas Iv made so far, talk about giving you true HD quality work. I should maybe charge a lil for you to have such awesome HD work. well hope you like it and hope I can make more stuff like this other then my cute work, also to point out im working on a dra-una pic I really hope I get it done soon, it may be the next pic up. for thows been waiting for this pic sorry for all this furry been drawing, I do miss drawing my old work.

well then ...


working to this sick drops>>>>

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ShuuTheAzurePhoenix's avatar
its burned Epic all over this pick :D
Snowy-kun's avatar
That looks awesome C:
BlackFoxAsakura's avatar
This dragon rocks.

Seriously... You were always drawing a cute characters, but this dragon is different. He looks scarry, I love it.
DarraChese's avatar
Wow! what a beauty!
MistaBubbyWubby's avatar
Pretty Awesome dude, like it alot!
A-Sleepy-Dragon's avatar
wow that's cool! your rusty style is great!
Starlight36's avatar
Well this is a pretty drastic departure.
It's an awesome one, though.
He(she?) has a kind of regal pressure to him; the drawing just kind of FEELS powerful, both in terms of ability and status.
Watch-it1337's avatar
Really cool! It reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it...
Balisk's avatar
ChibiZilla's avatar
Wow man, this is so much awesome. You're cool no matter what you draw :iconholaplz:
Tefian's avatar
epicnness !!! :iconlaplz:
Kireya's avatar
wow o.o so cool <3
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