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EVOLUTION X a skateboard manga 2

By phation
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i was going to do more but SAi kep saying low mem,
so this is how far i got i want to add more to it to look better , bummer.

sketch work>>>> [link]
no BG

OK back before anything i started before i started megoa and dra-una, me and my sis >>> :iconkitsunecurse:
we made a story or manga / anime idea that was very close to digimon(we love that show) just more punk like, later we decided to scrapped the whole monster thing because we felt it was stealing.
so now the story is a slice of life of a skateboard, just think of it in the TV show the (boondocks) like that.

the character design was made by me and my sis.
the pep doing the hard flip is mine character design, name is TROY. and the tomboy filming is Reechay.

>>and if i get time how many of you like to see a skateboarding<< manga

working to this>>>>


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It's been 4 years. I remember this one because that's how I met you and your work. We don't get a chance to talk much, but hey we got something in common now. We both have 2 DDs lol. Congrats. I came to this one as a reminder of where you came from. Take care man.
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nice work!. it looks great but the headphones should be omitted though.
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This is cool, keep it up
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Fun! I love slice-of-life. 

Their environment and clothing is so real!
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Looks awesome, I skateboard and am into manga and anime so :)
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Is it just me, or does the guy with the camera look somewhat like Ru?
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this is pretty cool
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Epic detail and action scene!!! Love the colors <3
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Good work !
Keep it up !
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Nice work
ceep it up [link]
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Been waiting to see something like this, i dig the artwork!
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looks awesome!!
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very nice art! keep this way!
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I can imagine his skateboard not flipping all the way back over and him landing on it. That would be an instant AFV video right 'dere. But, anyway, awesome job!
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this is amazinggg...!!! :iconrlytearplz:
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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