Marka Varis SYGNO
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Developed by Marka Varis Engineering, the SYGNO speeder, proves its popularity with models for sport, luxury and utility.
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very nice looking. The choice of colors is spot on. It's an odd desing , with the engine and cockpit off center of the vehicle. It works though :D
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I just wanted to do some different with the shape and find something unique. It might have some issues but I'm sure in the future they can balance this stuff :D  Thanks!
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Everybody does a racinng pod sooner or later so theres a lot of them out there...usually a rip off/homage of  starwars or some video game...this one isn't part of that bunch :D

one thing it would have is exellent vision and thrust in a right hand turn...which you could say means it would work really well on a circular track. I know that most race cars on cirucular or oval tracks are set up with a strong offset to one side..the turn left better than right. 

Intersting idea would be to take two of them and join them with cockpits on opposite sides of the engines at the center :D

adrom a modeling stand point i have tried and tried to get the rounded edges/bevels on objects and cant figure it out ...
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