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February 22, 2009
Library by ~Phasmageist will draw you in with its unique perspective and rich colors. The details are amazing, as is the gorgeous lighting!
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It took about thirty hours, but it's finally finished! Huzzah! Obviously, I'm a sucker for detail, and it's really slowing me down. This is the sort of thing that can be achieved by someone with minimal artistic flare, but who is incredibly anal retentive and has gratuitous amounts of spare time. I think it's high time I learned how to speed paint. Despite all this, I'm happy with the end result, so I can finally get back to my uni work!
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GroundZero2016's avatar
Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing piece of art! I truly love it!
EphraimBraucht's avatar
Nice Library, I love the transition.
Readeroffate's avatar
It's gorgeous. I would love to be there.
Qwilion's avatar
I wondered if you you would be interested in selling a single use or stock art rights license for this image? I would like to use this for a small pdf supplement for a roleplaying game. If so please email me via Steve at RitePublishing dot com
Jahpan's avatar
wow amazing!!
Eavis's avatar
This is beautiful! So relaxing to just look at and the amount of detail is splendid. Well done!
caffeine-and-music's avatar
WOW!!! this just made my day (or night i supose) truly inspiring, now if only i could have that library in my house >_<
shisuisen's avatar
Absolutely lovely~ It seems like a library that I would love to stay in forever, when books and nature collide :D
Artisticallicous's avatar
This is amazing and I especially like the contrast between the warmth and cosiness of the ground floor to the more cooler upper floor. This library just speaks fantasy! Well done! :trophy:
WolfLaugh's avatar
Beautiful *_* !!!
greeneyesandglasses's avatar
I really like this ^.^ You did a lovely job!
I want this room! This picture is brilliantly done and is so realistic that you can just imagine yourself there. Great job!!
Dememty's avatar
Your work has this amazing softness to it, it reminds me of pictures in children's story books... :clap:
chotabear's avatar
This has an awesome mystical quality and as I'm a fan of animals, trees, mystery and libraries, I think it's really lovely !!!
afke11's avatar
I love the lighting in this. :o
iLwA's avatar
I featured you here: [link] !
love the concept, details, and execution! I would like to be in that space.
medricht's avatar
Who wouldn't want trees growing in their library?
sweetnessmei's avatar
Gorgeous use of colours, beautiful shading and lighting. The details are sharp and focused. This is truly a stunning artwork :love:
Venthor78's avatar
it's definitely beautiful :love:
Darkon-Brandon's avatar
Absolutely marvelous!
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