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Monday, December 15th, 2003... 0800 UTC-8, currently... XMMS is softly playing: Ayumi Hamasaki - As If

Holy shit, here we are again, 3 months between updates. I need to pull my head out of my ass and commit to doing something, and, doing it RIGHT.

Well, major update...

Last month I touched on my making oper on GamesNET, and, I'm still there. Also, about a month ago, I made the NETCOM team. For being staff for only 10 months and change, I'm now a full network adminstrator over with GamesNET, and very much enjoying contributing. I also linked my own server, finally. is mine, making me a full Server Admin as well. I still co-admin Oktagone, however the box has since de/relinked due to connection issues. Something tells me it won't be around for too long this time, either, but we'll see...

J, my former roommate, left. He got pussy-whipped by some girl, and pretty much abandoned me. While I'm upset, the dude's like family to me, and I just hope that he realizes it... I'm trying to get all his stuff out of the back room before Christmas so I can make it look like I live in there... The reason for that is pretty simple... My dad's comming to visit.

Having not seen him in close to 6 years, I'm a bit nervous. And even our last meeting 6 years ago was just a brief weekend. Last time he was part of my actual life was some 10 long years ago. I have mixed feelings on this visit, but, we'll throw caution to the wind, and, see what happens... Just want him to think I'm doing well though, that I'm making it on my own. Probably in the hopes he won't think I failed because of him or something. Need to be strong.

After they leave, a few days later, I have the GamesNET Staff Ski Trip happening at my place. Man, this is such a clusterfuck of pissy planning - which is exactly why it isn't the GamesNET Annual Staff Ski Trip. If I can pull it off this year it'll be a fucking miracle... I'm already short money, and if nobody plans on contributing, there'll be no skiing. Transportation issues are also plaguing this trip, as everybody's comming, and nobody can rent a vehicle. Best I can do is trust to the TCP/IP god that things work out, as they usually seem to do for me last minute. Either way, I'm going to need an ulcer or 12 removed from my gut by the time it's done.

After the ski trip is over, I'm moving. Will probably give my 30 day notice Febuary 1st, paying Feb's rent, and using my March rent money to break the lease. Then I'm moving back in with Jim, Hazel, Dan, and everybody I bitched about here. Maybe in my travels over the past year or so, I've matured, gained wisdom, or developed massochistic tendancies, but whatever it is, it's what I want to do. They're family. All I have out here, really. And I realize that the only things that change in my life, are that which I change myself. So if things aren't the way I want them to be, then I'm going to have to do something besides sitting on my fat arse and waiting for them to get better... I'm taking things into my own hands this time around. While I still stand by moving out, and think it was the right decision at the time, I also stand by this one to move back in. I don't consider the past year of my life to be a mistake, nor do I consider this "running home". It's been a journey, one which I've shared with many people, and learned a great deal on. And, it's time that journey comes to an end, and I return to where I belong.

Wireless at work is going well. Just about ready to roll that out this comming week, I hope. We'll see. I also got a new workstation last week. Dual Athlon MP 2400s, gig of RAM, it's great. Looking foward to using that this week (I just installed it Friday). Other than the usual security patching, network admin tasks, programming, and network cleanup, things are going well. I'm enjoying my job for the most part. Tuesday night we're going to see Return Of the King, and Wednesday afternoon is the company Christmas party. Looking forward to both events.

I promise an update by Sunday night, as well... So help me if I fail :-)
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Monday, December 22nd, 2003... 2145 UTC-8, currently... XMMS is softly playing: Ayumi Hamasaki - Evolution

I would have made this last night 'cept I was playing Ragnarok... Not a bad game... Work's been pretty good... My dad's comming to visit for Christmas (Oy!), and we'll see just how well (if at all) that works out... J cleaned out his room (finally), and the ski trip planning continues...

Don't have much else to say, 'cept that I'm totally addicted to Ragnarok at the moment, and, that Natasha, the loving girl that she is, is getting me Caffeinated Hotsauce for Christmas :-)

She's such the awesome!